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    Get The Skinny On Fad Diets!

    By: Sue Wilkerson

    Searching for a new diet to help you shed the pounds and incinerate the fat? Cut through the lard and get the skinny on the most popular diets and why they do – and don’t always work.

    Date Added: May 19, 2010

  • Should You Go On A Cleanse?

    By: Marie Spano

    Cleanses are all the rage, but is one really the best choice for you? Dietician Marie Spano lays out the pros and cons for athletes.

    Date Added: Apr 17, 2015

  • Community And Features

    By: Contributing Writer offers a wide variety of information for you to get motivated, get fit and stay motivated.

    Date Added: Dec 4, 2014

  • The Importance Of Nutrition For A Fitness Model.

    By: Ava Cowan

    There are different components that make a complete and healthy person, but for now my focal point will be on the importance of nutrition for a fitness model. Stay fit and healthy with this sample menu.

    Date Added: Sep 11, 2014

  • Built By Science: Nutrition

    By: Mike Roussell, Ph.D.

    Don't guess when it comes to something as important as your nutrition. Use science as your ally and build lean mass that lasts!

    Date Added: Dec 24, 2013

  • Strong Words, Vol. 2: 6 Paleo Titles You Need To Know

    By: Nick Collias

    Are you considering or already following some form of primitive diet? Get to know the authors who are carrying the debate into the future. Give yourself a paleo education here!

    Date Added: Jun 3, 2013

  • Lee Labrada's 7 Days Of Lean Body Meals!

    By: Lee Labrada

    Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of your lean body journey, and it can be easy! Here's a complete sample nutrition plan for the first 7 days on the Lean Body Meal Plan.

    Date Added: Dec 25, 2012

  • Beat The Winter Blues: 4 Ways To Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

    By: Shannon Clark

    The 'season to be jolly' is definitely not happy for everybody. Those who have Seasonal Affective Disorder must endure, rather than enjoy, the winter months. Until now, that is.

    Date Added: Nov 19, 2012

  • To The Extreme: 6 Diets From The Edge

    By: Cassie Smith

    The quest to lose or gain weight can take people above and beyond the realm of normalcy. These six diets will make your low-carb Paleo diet look like kid's stuff.

    Date Added: Nov 2, 2012

  • Diet Plans & Dieting Tips

    By: Contributing Writer

    Nutrition Tab, Diets Articles

    Date Added: Jul 29, 2012

  • The $100 Diet: Healthy Grocery List For Amazing Results!

    By: Muscle & Fitness

    Lose fat, gain muscle, and get your diet in line - all for just a c-note a week. Hit your goals AND your budget! Break a sweat, don't break the bank.

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2012

  • Get The Guts: How To Improve Your Gut Health And Speed Fat Loss

    By: Jimmy Smith

    The gut and tummy are not created equal. In fact, they're not even the same thing! Learn why a happy gut is essential to your health and fat loss goals.

    Date Added: Sep 15, 2011

  • June 2011 Labrada Lean Body Challenge Transformation Plan

    By: Lee Labrada

    Here's what you'll get with the Lean Body Challenge: Daily Training Videos, 7-Day Meal Plan & Recipes, and your very own FREE Personal Trainer!

    Date Added: Jun 3, 2011

  • Are You A Gluten-Intolerant Bodybuilder? If So, You MUST Read This!

    By: Marie Spano

    If some grains are a pain, you may have a more serious problem. Here's everything the fit need to know about gluten intolerance.

    Date Added: Apr 21, 2011

  • 3 Reasons To Avoid The Blood-Type Diet

    By: Marie Spano

    For starters, it has no basis in science or reason. Learn how the fit-minded should eat instead.

    Date Added: Apr 18, 2011

  • What Is The Paleo Diet?

    By: Shannon Clark

    Regardless of whether your goal is to melt fat off your body or build up higher amounts of muscle mass and gain definition, you've likely done your research and realize that diet is a key element necessary for success.

    Date Added: Dec 29, 2010

  • How Açai Berries Are Good For You!

    By: Marie Spano

    Acai is not a miracle weight loss supplement and it will not help you burn fat. However, it is a healthy berry that's loaded with antioxidants. Find out how this berry really can help you.

    Date Added: Oct 19, 2010

  • The Truth About Diets: Dieting For Maintenance!

    By: Dustin Elliott

    Are you thinking about trying a Low Carb Diet to maintain your weight? You may want to read this first to see how this type of diet fits with your long term fitness goals.

    Date Added: Oct 12, 2010

  • Having A Healthy BBQ: 6 Healthy Ideas For Muscle-Building Appetites!

    By: Shannon Clark

    By doing some careful planning it's more than possible to choose good choices and maintain a healthy diet, whether they are muscle building or fat loss. Here are some of the big things to consider this summer while barbequing.

    Date Added: Jul 2, 2010

  • 5 Nutrition Secrets For Gaining Lean Muscle Fast!

    By: Dustin Elliott

    Does eating fat-free mean you can put on fat-free pounds of muscle? Find out why a balanced diet is necessary for lean muscle gains.

    Date Added: Jun 22, 2010

  • You May Need To Toss Your Diet To Lose Body Fat!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Yo-yo dieting is a major cause of weight gain in many people. Read on to find out if you are the kind of person who needs to toss the strict diet and get back in touch with your biological nutrition needs. You may lose more body fat and keep it off!

    Date Added: Jun 15, 2010

  • 5 Super Foods For The High Intensity Man!

    By: David Robson

    Are you bored with your limited food choices on your clean diet? Your health may be suffering too! Add these 5 super foods to your daily diet for better health and performance!

    Date Added: May 12, 2010

  • How To Use The Body Opus Diet!

    By: Kyle Newell

    Body Opus was the first real diet for people that weren't overweight. In fact, it is recommended that you not start this diet until you are under 15 percent body fat... Learn more.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2010

  • Healthy Weight: It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle!

    By: Randi Drasin

    The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn't about short-term dietary changes. It's about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating... Find out more.

    Date Added: Apr 9, 2010

  • The Diet Solution: A Concise Diet To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle!

    By: Derek Beast Charlebois

    We've created an exciting new diet that can be used to lose fat and gain lean muscle while still enjoying life. Try The Diet Solution now!

    Date Added: Oct 21, 2009

  • Burn 15,640 Calories Without Lifting A Single Weight!

    By: Rachel D. Young

    Your typical day should consist of 5-6 meals. Let's take a look at a typical workday plan to help you lose burn more calories without weights. See what it looks like!

    Date Added: Oct 7, 2009

  • 6 Popular Diets That Could Help You Today!

    By: Jamie Hale

    Which diets will work for you? In this review I will give a brief review of some of the most popular diets on the market today. After reading the review you will be able to decide which plans are appropriate for you. Learn more.

    Date Added: Sep 17, 2009

  • Cooking With Christina Dugdale - Video Series Main Page!

    By: Cooking With Christina

    IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale's wife, Christina, is one of the world's most admired bodybuilding chefs today, and throughout her video series she will prepare, cook and deliver the most nutritious dishes you have ever seen, smelled, or tasted!

    Date Added: Aug 28, 2009

  • Empower Me In 6, Episode #4: Back To The Kitchen.

    By: Other Writer

    Things are better this week for Lucia since acclimating to the healthy changes. Her romantic life has picked up recently but she admits the diet is difficult to maintain when hitting the town for a night out. Back at Burn, it's time for squats and curls with good form. Shawnee brings in a good friend, local chef Shelly Bojorquez to help tune up Lucia's kitchen skills.

    Date Added: Aug 13, 2009

  • Dieting For Dummies: 8 Simple Steps To Help Shred Those Winter Pounds.

    By: Ron Harris

    Looks like we've put on a few extra pounds of flab this winter. Did I say a few? Use these 8 simple steps to help you drop the weight you may have gained over the winter season.

    Date Added: Jul 20, 2009

  • How To Separate And Cook Egg Whites: Never Done It? Watch The Video!

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    The truth is many people don't eat right because they can't cook. The basic fitness program starts with a good meal. Here's the video that will show you how to separate and cook egg whites. Watch it right here.

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2009

  • The Blood Type Diet: Is The Proof Really In The Pudding?

    By: Matt Weik

    This article is based on research from 'Eat Right 4 Your Type', and my personal experience while testing this unique diet. Here's my reaction and examples from the book describing the diet and what it's about. Find out more.

    Date Added: Jul 1, 2009

  • Small Changes Equate To Big Results - Rethinking The Beginner's Diet!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Eating healthy doesn't have to require a complete overhaul. Here are some examples to get started. Each face off shows a typical food you may already be eating and a better alternative that's easy to make... Try them out!

    Date Added: Jun 9, 2009

  • What To Pack In Your Picnic Basket: Appetizing Ideas For Summer Fun!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Instead of stopping at the local drive-thru and grabbing a hot-dog or burger that the event's BBQ is grilling up, consider packing your own picnic basket... Here are some appetizing ideas for healthy summer fun!

    Date Added: Jun 3, 2009

  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet: The Best Ever Bodybuilding Diet?

    By: Mark McManus

    This diet did not originate with me of course. However, because of the massive impact it had on my results, I feel compelled to share it with as many people as possible. Learn more right here and give it a try.

    Date Added: Mar 24, 2009

  • The Changing Face Of The Atkins Diet!

    By: Shannon Clark

    People who were following the plan regularly filled their plates with bacon, cheese, high fat meats, mayonnaise... Atkins is refining that strategy. Learn more.

    Date Added: Dec 30, 2008

  • Natural Ways To Combat 4 Types Of Cancer!

    By: Shannon Clark

    With Cancer Awareness month underway, many people are reading up on the different kinds. Here are some of the major types of cancers and what you can do to put yourself in the best position...

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2008

  • The Macrobiotic Diet: Lose More Weight & Feel Better!

    By: Shannon Clark

    The Macrobiotic Diet is used by Madonna and is gaining more attention – You don't have to look at her twice to see success from the diet. Here are the principles that make up this incredible diet plan!

    Date Added: May 29, 2008

  • Motivation & Fat Loss: A Nutrition Program For Summer Fun!

    By: Ava Cowan

    It is time to get back into shape and time to get serious about getting your body ready to wear those bathing suits this summer! Use these proven suggestions, meal plans and recipes to insure you have a sizzling physique for this summer!

    Date Added: Apr 22, 2008

  • Quick & Easy Steps To Rejuvenation - A Long-Term Nutrition Plan!

    By: James Kohler

    Successful weight loss programs require basic changes in lifestyle versus unrealistic diets. You can start off with a diet, but after you have reached your goal you should follow a more general nutrition plan. Learn more from the following.

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2008

  • A Meal Plan For Women & 3 Detailed Healthy Recipes!

    By: Ginger Redeker

    Ladies, if you are looking for some extra ideas to break up the bland and boring daily meal plan then look no further. Here is a sample one-day meal plan and three easy-to-follow recipes that taste great!

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2008

  • Teen Nutrition - A Diet Blueprint To Overcome The Odds!

    By: Ricky Cutch

    Being a teenager and proper nutrition don't exactly mesh too well. In fact, the average student probably finds it almost impossible to eat clean... Here a few sample meal plans along with some important nutrition tips!

    Date Added: Jan 8, 2008

  • An In-depth Look At Bob Greene's 'Best Life' Diet.

    By: Shannon Clark

    The Best Life diet has been growing and is now one of the most asked-about diet programs on the market (thanks in part to Oprah). Learn how this diet has unlocked the door to weight loss and healthy living. Check it out!

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2007

  • The Sonoma Diet: Promising Good-Quality Food You Love!

    By: Shannon Clark

    While some diets are about strictly adhering to cutting certain foods out, the Sonoma Diet's primary focus is on enjoying good-quality foods. This alluring diet may or may not work for you, so read on to find out more!

    Date Added: Nov 21, 2007

  • Looking At The LA Weight Loss Diet: Pros & Cons.

    By: Shannon Clark

    What is this program about and how effective is it? That's the bottom line that you need to find out before you go investing money into this diet plan. Learn about the pros and cons of this structured weight loss system.

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2007

  • Shannon Clark's Diet Reviews - Main Page.

    By: Shannon Clark

    With so many diet plans available these days, how can one tell which one's are worth the time and effort? Well don't worry. Shannon Clark has reviewed many of the major diet plans that you're probably familiar with and a few you're probably not.

    Date Added: Oct 16, 2007

  • Getting The Truth About The Sugar Busters Diet.

    By: Shannon Clark

    In this decade sugar has become the new evil and more and more individuals are starting to remove it from their diets. Learn more about the benefits of this diet and see how moderation plays a key role!

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2007

  • Assessing The 5-Factor Diet: Get In Shape And Look Great Fast!

    By: Shannon Clark

    One of the popular diets that is circulating around Hollywood right now is the 5-Factor diet. Created by celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak... Learn more about this balanced approach and see if it is something for you. Read on!

    Date Added: Sep 17, 2007

  • Analyzing Bob Green's 'Best Life' Diet.

    By: Shannon Clark

    With a variety of books and magazine articles lining the shelves we know that Bob Greene is no stranger to fitness. How does his plan rack up against the rest? Learn about the pros and cons of this lifestyle type diet.

    Date Added: Sep 5, 2007

  • The Anabolic Diet Review.

    By: Shannon Clark

    One of the hottest topics when it comes to obtaining the body of your dreams is which diet is going to work the best to getting you from point A to point B. One diet that has received quite a bit of positive acclaim is the anabolic diet.

    Date Added: Aug 9, 2007

  • What Is Weight Watchers And Is It Right For You?

    By: Shannon Clark

    Weight Watchers is a diet plan that is geared to any individual, active or not. While there are no requirements that you must participate in, exercise is recommended... learn about some of the pros and cons of this very well known diet plan.

    Date Added: Jul 23, 2007

  • Marc Becomes A Pescetarian - What Is A Pescetarian & Why Become One?

    By: Marc Lobliner

    The first thing that Chuck told me to do was to switch ALL of my protein intake to fish. I soon fell in love with fish and now consider myself a Pescetarian. Learn more about the benefits, ethical reasoning, comparisons, and more right here!

    Date Added: Jul 16, 2007

  • The Ab's Diet - Benefits & Drawbacks!

    By: Shannon Clark

    One popular diet that is currently circulating around North America, touted by the well-read magazine, Men's Health, is the Ab's Diet. Learn more about it right here!

    Date Added: Jul 6, 2007

  • The Zone Diet - Benefits & Drawbacks!

    By: Shannon Clark

    The Zone diet is big on helping you control your insulin and the rate at which carbs are used by the body. For this reason, it is quite similar to a keto type diet... Learn more right here.

    Date Added: Jun 15, 2007

  • Podcast Interview With David Kirsch Of The Ultimate New York Diet.

    By: Tom Perkins

    This week, Tom Perkins and Dave DePew interview hot New York lifestyle designer David Kirsch, who creates nutrition and training programs for many well known celebrities. David discusses what makes his program unique and why it works!

    Date Added: Feb 9, 2007

  • PerfNut Podcast: Raphael Calzadilla Interview.

    By: Performance Nutrition Show

    Listen in as Dr. Jose Antonio and IFBB competitor Carla Sanchez interview the hottest names in the fitness and sports industries! This week: Jose and Carla interview Raphael Calzadilla!

    Date Added: May 31, 2006

  • How Bodybuilders And Fitness Competitors Get So Lean!

    By: Tom Venuto

    Bodybuilders have discovered a methodology for losing fat. This practice which is known as peaking is not done year round for a reason. Find out what they do during the year and why.

    Date Added: Sep 22, 2005

  • Nutrition Performance - Bodybuilding Nutrition Update.

    By: Anssi Manninen

    This article examines the latest scientific findings related to bodybuilding nutrition. We will be discussing more about protein/carb diets and what studies are suggesting is the best course of action.

    Date Added: Sep 12, 2005

  • Dieting For Weight Loss And Well Being.

    By: David Robson

    In this article I will spend time talking about different types of diets there are and what general guidelines should be practiced regardless of what the diet is for. Don't let obesity keep control of your life.

    Date Added: Aug 24, 2005

  • The Macrobolic Nutrition Diet.

    By: MHP Transformation

    Let's face it - the ultimate goal for everyone who works out is to increase lean muscle while reducing body fat. Yet, many people are following diets that limit their muscle building potential. Find out about a plan called the Macrobolic Nutrition Diet.

    Date Added: Apr 18, 2005

  • Digging Up Our Nutritional Past: Nutrition Lessons From The Prehistoric Period.

    By: John Berardi

    Paleonutrition studies claim that Neanderthals looked like bodybuilders because they ate a secret diet. Find out what this is...

    Date Added: Jan 17, 2005

  • Defeating Dietary Displacement - Part 1: The Food.

    By: John Berardi

    North Americans strive daily for nutritional convenience. Sure, when the typical person goes out for a nice dinner at a restaurant, he or she usually gets a decent meal.

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2004

  • Covering Nutritional Bases: The Importance Of Acid-Base Balance.

    By: John Berardi

    Employing a few simple strategies to neutralize your high-acid diet may mean the difference between chronic low-grade acidosis? and the associated muscle wasting, bone loss, and altered hormonal profile? and a healthy, alkaline diet. Learn why...

    Date Added: Sep 26, 2004

  • Easing Into A Diet Program!

    By: Hugo Rivera

    In this article we are going to teach you a program that you will be able to use for the rest of your life to stay in top shape.

    Date Added: Sep 23, 2004

  • The Ultimate Dieters Guide!

    By: Evan Waters

    With so much hype out there about dieting and diet pills let us examine, some fad diets, tips to stay healthy, and new developments in weight management.

    Date Added: Jun 2, 2004

  • The Common Dieters' Mistake: Thinking That Eating Less Is Better!

    By: Hugo Rivera

    When people think of a diet they think of pain, hunger and food depravation. Before we continue, lets stop right here and explain what is going on inside the body.

    Date Added: Apr 29, 2004

  • Dietary Recommendations For A Lean Summer Body!

    By: Hugo Rivera

    In this article, I cover what needs to be done with your diet. Don't worry; I won't take your carbs away or stick you with a liquid or celery diet. If you want a summer body and have the determination necessary to do what it takes to get it, I describe the path that will lead to it.

    Date Added: Apr 22, 2004

  • Weight Loss Theories.

    By: Maia Appleby

    Why can some thin people eat whatever they want without gaining weight, while many overweight people remain heavy no matter what they do? Learn more...

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2003

  • Count that Carrot: A Better Way to Lose Weight!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Learn the benefits from calorie counting, the basics of dieting and how proper diet and exercise can pay off in the long run!

    Date Added: Dec 17, 2003

  • Conversation With A Modern-Day Warrior: The Warrior Diet!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Are you sick of so-called miracle diets? With the Warrior Diet you will eat better, lose weight and feel great! By eating light during the day and feasting at night, you will reap the maximum benefits and learn to enjoy food again!

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2003

  • The Perfect Meal!

    By: Jeremy Likness

    When considering any type of nutrition program, there are a few parameters that must be taken into consideration. I have prioritized them based on my goals when designing a program for a client. Find out how you can too!

    Date Added: Sep 11, 2003

  • The Four Diet Myths!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Many people who think they're eating healthy really are victims of our society's 4 diet myths. These myths are propagated by fad diets that advise cutting out essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

    Date Added: Sep 8, 2003

  • Vegetarian Bodybuilding: Does It Have A Chance?

    By: Virtual Muscle

    I know, I know... real men eat meat. My mission in writing this is to merely present the idea that it is possible to adhere to a vegetarian diet while trying to gain lean mass and/or decrease bodyfat and to do so in a healthy manner!

    Date Added: Jul 25, 2003

  • The Performance Based Diet.

    By: ISSA

    What if I told you that your diet might be robbing you of performance in the gym or in your sport? Most people familiar with trends in the nutritional aspect of the fitness field have seen a shifting of views regarding carbohydrates. Learn the truth!

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2003

  • The Truth About Diets & Nutrition.

    By: Don Lemmon

    No one wants to be underweight or overweight because it causes us daily concerns and makes us vain. Starving ourselves or being gluttonous is more than a sin, it is embarrassing. We all want fat loss. Learn the secrets of industry guru, Don Lemmon on dies and nutrition!

    Date Added: Jun 20, 2003

  • Diet Strategies For Bodybuilders

    By: Jamie Hale

    The various diet strategies are so utterly different in nature you might wonder who is right. Dieting strategies are similar to training strategies; their effectiveness is subjective. Let's take a look at two diets that are very different in their nutrient profiles.

    Date Added: May 16, 2003

  • Weight Loss Theories!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Why can some thin people eat whatever they want without gaining weight, while many overweight people remain heavy no matter what they do? Here are some thoughts.

    Date Added: May 1, 2003

  • Incorporating Beef Into A Healthy Diet!

    By: Stella Juarez

    There are so many cuts and brands of beef that it's hard to tell which are the smart cuts to buy. There are multiple names and vague labels for every cut that confuse even the well-intentioned consumer. Learn the truth!

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2003

  • Q & A With Randy Herring!

    By: Randy Herring

    Check back often for updates to my frequenly asked questions from the viewers of This week I focus on nutrition questions. Learn the importance of eating right, eating frequency, and what ketones are!

    Date Added: Feb 7, 2003

  • The Anabolic Nutrient Timing Factor!

    By: Dino Pierce

    This paper will discuss timing the macronutrients in scientifically proven method in order to assist the athlete in gaining results from their training methods via nutrition.

    Date Added: Jan 27, 2003

  • Trial and Error: Monica's Diet Strategy!

    By: Monica Brant

    There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" diet. I know what works for me-not for anyone else. And this is true for everyone. One of the most important things you can learn is to know your body, understand what works for you as an individual.

    Date Added: Jan 25, 2003

  • Are You A Healthy Bodybuilder?

    By: Clayton South

    Being a healthy bodybuilder, simply, means that in all areas of your life you seek to improve, and that bodybuilding is how you seek to improve your physical body and mind in order so that your mind and body can be used to love and help others.

    Date Added: Jan 24, 2003

  • More Of Carmen Garcia's Health & Fitness Tips!

    By: Carmen Garcia

    Carmen Garcia is back with more of her health and fitness tips. Learn about energy, cleaning your kidneys and liver, and cleansing your colon!

    Date Added: Jan 8, 2003

  • How To Diet For Lean Muscle Mass Gains

    By: Alex D'Angelo

    With winter comes bulking up, everybody's favorite part of the year, well maybe not but sure is mine. Learn how to diet for lean muscle mass gains!

    Date Added: Dec 13, 2002

  • Scientific Diets? Do You Need Them?

    By: Dave Draper

    I believe that a well-balanced diet and good supplementation can be realized instinctively. Learn why scientific diets don't work for me!

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2002

  • A Ten-Step Strategy To Consistently Eating Clean

    By: Ryan Mackie

    Eating a good quality, high protein meals and resisting junk food when you are 'bulking up' can be incredibly hard. Learn how to make it easier with these ten steps!

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2002

  • Ideas For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    By: James Sadek

    After dreaming of eating a variation of food for the last 12 weeks I decided to put all my dreams into writing for this. Below I will give options and examples of some of my favorite meals.

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2002

  • Understanding The Role Of Carbohydrates And Fat Loss!

    By: Peggy Schoolcraft

    Go back and read my previous articles on fat loss, spot reducing and cardio, so you more fully understand what we are going to discuss.

    Date Added: Nov 6, 2002

  • Nutrition: An Overview Of The Five Nutrients

    By: Joe Franco

    Proper nutrition is a key component for good heath and physical fitness. For weight trainers, proper nutrition consumption is the most important aid for making gains.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2002

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Diabetes And Bodybuilding!

    By: Babyboomers

    Do you have diabetes? Are you a newcomer to the bodybuilding world? Learn the secrets on how to fight diabetes with bodybuilding! Also, see the amazing transformation of a man that went from a 46 to a 32 inch waist!

    Date Added: Oct 29, 2002

  • Pre-contest Dieting: The Right Way!

    By: Ryan Swan

    Next, take that number and use it accordingly. For example if you want to gain weight add to this number. If loosing weight is your goal than you subtract from this number.

    Date Added: Oct 24, 2002

  • Spicing Up Your Diet

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Skinless chicken breasts and tuna get really, really boring in a hurry. But you probably knew that already. Learn how to give it a kick and make it not so boring!

    Date Added: Oct 24, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Recipes

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Not to discredit skinless chicken breasts and steamed rice in any way, but it DOES tend to get kinda boring on the tenth day in a row. Variation is the key to staying sane, especially when on a diet.

    Date Added: Oct 17, 2002

  • Stop The Madness: A Meal Plan That Works!

    By: Maribel Sanders

    In regards to the abundance of information concerning dieting and exercise, do what works and feels good to you. You need to stick to the diet.

    Date Added: Oct 2, 2002

  • My Basic Nutritional Strategy

    By: Tracy Doll

    This article will cover my basic nutritional strategy for reducing my body fat level. The first thing I will do is calculate my basic caloric intake needs in order to achieve weight loss.

    Date Added: Sep 27, 2002

  • Glutamine - Miracle Supplement? Part 2!

    By: Intensity Magazine

    I briefly mentioned some other areas in which supplemental glutamine can help improve an overall healthy lifestyle.

    Date Added: Sep 26, 2002

  • Losing Weight For The Non-Bodybuilder!

    By: David Knowles

    For you inquiring readers, here is another great approach to reach your goals.

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2002

  • The Rewards Of A

    By: Valentina Chepiga

    What confuses me is after all the time and energy they have put into making their bodies so clean and beautiful, how can they sabotage all that they have struggled so hard to accomplish over many months, in a matter of days.

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2002

  • Fawnia's Keys to Success!

    By: Fawnia Dietrich

    Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Tea and coffee does not count, but you can drink them. Do your weights (30-60 min) and cardio after your weights (20-45 min) at some point in your day, 5-6 days a week.

    Date Added: Aug 27, 2002

  • The "Diet" Craze

    By: Randy Herring

    Muscle is what keeps your metabolism high. It stokes the fire!

    Date Added: Aug 9, 2002

  • How to survive...and thrive on a diet (part 1)

    By: Layne Norton

    First off lets talk about what kind of diet you should be on. There have been many diet fads in the past few years, with ketogenic diets becoming more and more popular among bodybuilders.

    Date Added: Jul 25, 2002

  • Proper Nutrition

    By: Randy Herring

    Regularly eating the right foods often is a large part of gaining lean body mass or losing fat weight. The fact is that in the gym we are there to stimulate body composition change. Outside the gym is when that change actually takes effect: through proper nutrition and sufficient rest.

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2002

  • Building Muscle 24 Hours Per Day

    By: Eric Satterwhite

    One of the things that comes up more often than not, is the question of what to have before bed to keep the "Anabolic Drive" going all night. Well to be quite honest, there isn't anything that is going to last the 8-10 hours you're asleep.

    Date Added: May 18, 2002

  • Scientific Proof That CLA Has Fat-Burning Properties

    By: David Knowles

    Conjugated linoleic acid is an omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid (EFA) which is formed from linoleic acid in bacterium via a specific isomerase (a type of enzyme). This EFA is a mixture of positional and geometric isomers of linoleic acid. It is naturally occurring in meat and diary products.

    Date Added: May 2, 2002

  • How I Lost Weight

    By: Michael Pope

    When training to lose weight you need to have a set diet. When I was losing the weight I found it was easiest to stick to a diet with a program. In this program I also included my workout program, my workout would include two days down the gym I used Friday and Sunday, also I would do a home workout twice a day on the days off.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Knowledge is POWER

    By: Delbert Hickman

    The knowledge you acquire empowers you in so many ways. You learn to avoid the pitfalls that have stifled you and prevented you from realizing the things you want to achieve

    Date Added: Feb 18, 2002

  • My Typical Off-Season Diet!

    By: Phano Paul Som

    I have had a request to outline my typical offseason diet so without further ado, here it is: I generally consume 4-6 meals per day in the offseason depending on my schedule.

    Date Added: Dec 22, 2001

  • Nutrition and Fitness Competing 101!

    By: Lisa Moser

    First and foremost your body needs food for optimal performance, and to function properly. For fitness athletes food provides nutrients for growth, and repair of muscle tissue due to the stress induced from above average training such as lifting, gymnastics, strength, endurance, and conditioning training.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • The Good, The Bad, The Bodybuilder

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Although it may seem to be an individual sport, there are many other people who play a key role in your development (i.e. spouse, training partner, friends, colleagues, etc.).

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Weight Loss Tips!

    By: Brian Lane

    Carbohydrates are the first things your body burns off, so when you exercise, it burns off carbohydrates, then fat. So, if you layoff the carbs, your fat gets burned first.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Nutritional Guidelines To Defining Muscle

    By: Phano Paul Som

    To get really ripped on a short-term, fat-burning diet, raise your protein intake to around 40 percent of total daily calories.

    Date Added: Nov 15, 2001

  • What Makes a Bodybuilder a Bodybuilder?

    By: Layne Norton

    Either people become so pre-occupied with getting big that they become excessively fat, or they become so pre-occupied with getting cut that they lose any size they had gained

    Date Added: Oct 28, 2001

  • Losing Fat while Preserving Muscle

    By: Thomas Woods

    Now, let me be realistic: it is impossible to lose fat without losing muscle, and vice versa, without the use of drugs. But if you do things smart, you can come pretty close

    Date Added: Oct 24, 2001

  • Ripped Fusion

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    I did the first week of it and by Wednesday my whole upper body was sore. The new methods, MPO method, and Maximum Pump method were good methods for growth.

    Date Added: Oct 2, 2001

  • How Natural Are You?

    By: Big Cat

    Being natural does not just translate in staying out of illegality, it means you have to apply a natural touch in nutrition, supplementation and even training. Oh, and sleep of course. The body is designed for survival against many elements. These are elements that have been natural threats for ages and evolution has supplied us with the necessary changes to survive and even overcome them.

    Date Added: Jan 8, 2001