Anssi Manninen is a Finnish exercise physiologist specialising in sports nutrition and ergogenic aids and has consulted elite athletes in all sports.


Anssi Manninen is a Finnish exercise physiologist specialising in sports nutrition and ergogenic aids and has consulted elite athletes in all sports. Anssi holds a MHS in sports medicine from University of Kuopio Medical School.

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Debunking The Debunkers: ACSM 'Exercise Physiologists' And Contagion Of Nutritional Nonsense!
Recently, two exercise physiologists, Wendy Repovich and Janet Peterson, presented at the ACSM fitness summit and debunked some nutritional myths. Some were utter nonsense. Read below to see what I am talking about!
Section: Nutrition :: May 31, 2007

New Study: The Atkins Diet Is Most Effective For Fat Loss!
For decades, the USDA has taught us that a diet low in fat and high in starch promotes fat loss... Where's the proof? A recent JAMA study provides support for very-low-carb diets. Learn more right here and see if you agree.
Section: Nutrition :: Apr 06, 2007

Nutrition Update - A Conventional High-Carb/Low-Fat Diet.
Numerous studies have shown that high-protein diets increase satiety and thus facilitate fat loss. Read on right here to learn about three types of diets and how effective they are...
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 17, 2006

Post-Exercise Nutrition & Supplementation: Research Update!
This is an investigation into the metabolic responses of high-glycemic or low-glycemic meals consumed during recovery from prolonged exercise. This is a good read if you are prepared for some technical jargon.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 28, 2005

Nutrition Performance - Bodybuilding Nutrition Update.
This article examines the latest scientific findings related to bodybuilding nutrition. We will be discussing more about protein/carb diets and what studies are suggesting is the best course of action.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 12, 2005

Low-Carb Diets & Extra Lard - A Story Beyond Urban Legends.
Many exercise scientists maintain that the low-carbohydrate diets suck because you will lose muscle mass rather than body fat. However, this is clearly not the case...
Section: Nutrition :: Nov 22, 2004

Ephedrine: Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
Ephedrine is classified as a sympathomimetic drug and central nervous system stimulant. Its ability to act as a sympathetic agonist and increase thermogenesis (production of heat) has led to its use in weight loss/fat loss...
Section: Supplements :: Nov 22, 2004

GAKIC: The Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Agent?
These findings reinforce the notion that GAKIC supplementation may be a useful aid for strength-power athletes, similar to creatine supplementation.
Section: Sports :: Jul 30, 2004

Creatine Loading Strategies! What Works Best?
With many types of creatine on the market, all claiming to be the best, how do you choose the best one for you? Here is the scientific truth!
Section: Supplements :: Dec 23, 2003

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