Calculate Your One-Rep Max!

Enter how much weight and how many reps you did for your last workout to find your approximate one-rep max!

Before beginning any strength-training program, you should determine your one-repetition maximum (1RM) to gauge your current strength level. Knowing your one-rep maximum will give a precise indication of how much weight you're capable of lifting for one repetition across a range of exercises, sport-specific or otherwise.

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Once you learn your one-lift capacity, you can design your program around these maximal weights. For example, it might be suitable for power-training that 85 percent of a one-rep maximum is used as a training weight for the bench press, squat, and deadlift. For toning, or developing a defined body for the beach, 70 percent or lower might be more appropriate.

Calculate Your One-Rep Max (1RM)

Weight Lifted
Reps Done

= One-Rep Max

 95% 1 RM
 90% 1 RM
 85% 1 RM
 80% 1 RM
 75% 1 RM
 70% 1 RM
 65% 1 RM
 60% 1 RM
 55% 1 RM
 50% 1 RM

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