Fitness 360: Rachel Flint Training Program

Rachel Flint is a busy wife, mother, and captain in the Air National Guard. But she's also the winner of our 2013 Military Transformation Challenge!

Rachel Flint hasn't always been the fitness addict she is today. She made a conscious decision to make healthy life changes. Now, instead of being an overweight smoker, Rachel follows much of Jamie Eason-Middleton's training philosophy to keep her body healthy and lean. Here's everything you need to get fit like Flint!

Rachel Flint Fit 360
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Bread and Butter Bodybuilding

Rachel prefers traditional bodybuilding movements: "I work out at the same gym every day with the same equipment." To avoid boredom, Rachel changes which lifts she'll do for the muscle group she's training. She also changes her set and rep ranges. "I'll lift heavy for a while just to see how far I can get with that. Then I'll switch to lighter weights with more reps to see what my results are."

The most important step in a transformation is the first one. Get started, get strong!

At this point, Rachel knows what works best for her body. "I work out six days per week. I hit my legs twice per week, but I give myself a few days between leg days," explains Rachel. "Usually, I work my back and biceps together, my chest and triceps together, and my shoulders and abs." She also does cardio 2-3 times per week, time permitting. "If I finish a workout early, I'll use the rest of the time for cardio."

Rest days for Rachel consist of just that: rest. "If it's a nice day, then we'll go to the park and do something lightly active. But usually, I take the day completely off to prepare for the next day."

To ensure that she's making headway in the way she wants, Rachel takes progress photos every 2-3 weeks. "I compare them side by side," she says. "That helps me know if I'm making progress. If I'm not seeing the progress I want, it motivates me to push harder at the gym. If I am seeing the progress I want, it gets me excited and motivates me to push harder!"

"The most important thing I would tell people who are intimidated about starting a fitness routine is to just start gathering info. She suggests that before anyone even sets foot in the gym, he or she should start researching programs. "There are so many free programs available on Pick one and get going!"

Rachel Flint's Training Regimen

Day 1: Leg Circuit
3-4 sets

Day 2: Back and Triceps Circuit
3-4 sets

Day 3: Chest and Biceps Circuit
3-4 sets

Day 4: Shoulders and Abs Circuit
3-4 sets

Day 5: Lower-Body Circuit
3-4 sets

Day 6: Catch-Up and Cardio
Catch-Up: I repeat a workout from earlier in the week for whichever body part needs extra attention.

Day 7: Rest