How Bodybuilding Can Help You Manage ADD/ADHD!

If you have trouble paying attention, staying on task and organized, you may have ADD or ADHD. Though commonly thought of as affecting only children, adults can also suffer... Learn more.

If you have trouble paying attention, staying on task and organized, you may have ADD or ADHD. Though commonly thought of as affecting only children, adults can also suffer from ADD and ADHD as well.


Adults with ADD (attention deficit disorder) struggle with paying attention. Because of this they may have trouble listening, seem distracted or forgetful, fail to stay on task and make careless mistakes.

Keeping things carefully organized can also be a challenge for some adults with ADD. Their workspace may be cluttered or messy most of the time. ADD can make it a challenge to be productive at work and in school.

Those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have some of the classic ADD symptoms and a hyperactivity component as well.

They may act impulsively, fidget, have a hard time sitting still and relaxing, interrupt others when they are talking or talk constantly. There is no known cause of ADD and ADHD.

How Bodybuilding Can Help You Manage ADD/ADHD

  • Bodybuilder's Exercise: Exercise helps those with ADD and ADHD focus so they are better able to sit still and concentrate on a task or project.
  • Bodybuilders Get a Good Night's Rest: Getting adequate sleep will help your body repair and recover and help you manage your weight. For those with ADD, sleep will ensure that you are well rested for the day ahead, less anxious and better able to focus.
  • Bodybuilders Eat A Healthy Diet: Eating a wide variety of healthy foods and avoiding very refined and sugary foods will help you maintain your focus. If you have ADHD and tend to eat impulsively, keep only healthy foods in your house to snack on.
  • Bodybuilders Supplement Their Diet: Bodybuilders are acutely aware of their food intake and know when they need to make up for dietary shortfalls through supplementation. Also, as a bodybuilder, you know when to use caffeine (which can enhance focus) and choose supplements that may help you focus such as phosphatidyl serine, l-theanine (or tea which naturally contains theanine) and others.
  • Bodybuilding Helps You Manage Stress: Aggressively attacking your workout or adding relaxation-enhancing exercise to your routine (yoga, tai chi) can help calm you down thereby managing stress. We all get more disorganized, forgetful and downright irritable when we are stressed out. If you have ADD/ADHD, stress may compound your symptoms.
  • Bodybuilding Helps You Focus On The Positive: When you are making noticeable changes in your body and health, you will tend to focus on the positive in life. And, ADD does come with a few positives. Many individuals with ADD tend to be very creative and they can hyper focus. The ability to hyperfocus on a topic, project or subject the person finds fascinating often makes a person excel in a particular area.

Additional Tips To Help You Manage ADD/ADHD

  • Practice your social skills. Practice waiting for the other person to stop talking prior to speaking or asking a question and ask those who are close with you to help you work on this and your listening skills.
  • Ask for a friend, family member or professional organization specialist to help you de-clutter your workspace and house.
  • If you think you have ADD or ADHD and can't manage the symptoms on your own, seek the help of a qualified healthcare practitioner for a diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Join a support group.
  • Look into clinical trials for novel treatments of ADD and ADHD.


There is no "cure" for ADD/ADHD but it can be managed. Exercise, a good diet, rest, managing stress and staying positive will help you manage the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.


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