Like any good fitness fanatic, you probably said goodbye to sugary cereals long ago. Anyone who's familiar with carbs and protein knows that a bowl of colorful nostalgia will undo your progress faster than anything. But just because you sacrificed your favorite breakfast cereals in the name of macros and protein doesn't mean you have to lose those flavors.

Olympus Lyfestyle's new Promises protein powder features breakfast favorites like fruity cereal and cinnamon toast, making them a throwback treat that packs a healthy protein punch.

This waffle recipe elevates Promises' breakfast-inspired flavors from a mere post-workout shake to a hearty and satisfying breakfast food. Eggs and applesauce keep the carb-to-protein ratio in check, while tapioca flour takes gluten out of the equation. Whip up a batch for your next healthy Sunday brunch, or freeze your leftovers for a quick on-the-go protein snack during the week.

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