This is a tough time for families who are stuck at home. Everybody is going a little stir crazy, and you're trying to balance childcare, working remotely, and figuring out a home workout schedule. Our solution? Multitask and blow off steam with a few workouts everyone can do together.

These super fun, slightly silly, and surprisingly effective routines are part of Ali Holman's 20-Minute Fit program on BodyFit Elite. Ali is an accomplished personal trainer, but also a mother—and she doesn't see why those two things should be separate.

You and your kids can do these video workouts right along with Ali and her kids at home using just body weight or stuff you might already have lying around. Since they're only 20 minutes each, they're great for those with limited attention spans, and short enough to fit into your work-from-home day.

A note about form: While you want to make sure your kids are moving in a safe way, this isn't the time to unleash your inner drill sergeant. The most important thing is to have fun together and help your littles build a positive relationship with movement.

Ali Holman's 20 Minute Fit
Ali Holman's 20 Minute Fit
Welcome to the world's most efficient fitness plan! In just 20 minutes a day, you'll get a sweat, wake up your muscles, and give your body what it needs to look and feel amazing!

Family Workout 1: Animal Farm

Disguised as a playground game, this is actually a legit interval workout for any age. It lets kids channel their favorite animals while building functional strength with bodyweight movements.

Family Workout 2: Dollar Store Workout

Next time you brave the outside world, stop by the dollar store, where you can find everything you need for this workout. You'll use pool noodles, buckets, and other cheapo props for agility drills and strength-building farmer's carries.

Family Workout 3: Mailbox Workout

When everyone needs to get out for some fresh air, take this cardio workout up and down the block. If there's ever a time to go play in the street, this is it.

Family Workout 4: Swingset Workout

If you have a swingset in your backyard, you have a home gym. Put it to good use with this fun and fast-paced partner workout that builds full-body strength.

Family Workout 5: Sidewalk Chalk

Consider this workout advanced hopscotch. It focuses on agility and quickness, which will pay off when youth sports start up again. Bonus: Younger kids can practice their lefts and rights.

Family Workout 6: Partner Up

This circuit workout is a great chance for families to learn how to work together while getting some quality face-to-face time. Necessary equipment: just a few stuffed animals.

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