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Introducing the 2015 $200,000 Transformation Challenge Winners!

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Chandler, Nina, and Luke killed it! They fought fatigue, aching muscles, busy schedules, and thousands of other entries to claim Bodybuilding.com's biggest prize ever. You don't want to miss this video.
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Male Grand Prize Winner:
Chandler Camden

Weight Lost: 41lbs   Body Fat Lost: 11.5%   Prize: $80,000 USD

Chandler Camden of Missouri lost 41 pounds and 11.5 percent body fat! After being sidelined by a broken back, Chandler's weight skyrocketed. This is his latest victory in his battle back to fitness.

Female Grand Prize Winner:
Nina Nam

Weight Lost: 21lbs   Body Fat Lost: 14%   Prize: $80,000 USD

Nina Nam lost 21 pounds and 14 percent body fat! The California actress and cardio queen started lifting heavy last year and loves how its energizing, yet meditative effect shapes her body and mind.

People's Choice Winner:
Luke Petersen

Weight Lost: 72lbs   Body Fat Lost: 20%   Prize: $40,000 USD

You voted for Luke Petersen of Utah! This 35-year-old husband and father used a combination of home, gym, and outdoor workouts to lose an incredible 72 pounds and 20% body fat.

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Thousands of competitors lifted a total of 7,177,488,086 pounds and lost 34,729 of the same. If you're hungry for those kinds of results, sign up for our next transformation challenge!

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