Full-Body & Split Workouts For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced!

Get three intense workouts right here! Workouts range from beginner up to Advanced; full body and split training also used. Try them and see how they work.

Beginner Full-Body:
Each Muscle Group Trained Three Times Per Week

Full Body Routine:

Randy Herring
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Bench Press.

Intermediate 4-Day Split:
Each Muscle Group Trained Twice A Week


Monday / Thursday - 23 Sets:

Randy Herring
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Lying Tricep Extensions.

Tuesday / Friday - 25 Sets:

Advanced 5-Day Split:
Each Muscle Group Trained Once Every Six Days

Day 1: Abs, Chest - 18 sets

Randy Herring
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Incline Bench Press.

Day 2: Back, Rear Delts, Biceps, Forearms - 33 sets

Day 3: (OFF) REST

Day 4: Abs, Delts, Triceps - 27 sets

Day 5: Calves, Quads, Hams - 30 sets

Randy Herring
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Barbell Squats.

Day 6: (OFF) REST

Day 7: Repeat Cycle (Back To Day 1)

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How many reps are we supposed to do for each of these sets??

Oct 4, 2014 8:20pm | report
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