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The 18-Minute Home Dumbbell Workout!

The 18-Minute Home Dumbbell Workout!

This workout of just under 20 minutes proved adequate to build strength and size in just six weeks with dumbbell exercises! Learn how you can to!

For many years serious athletes and bodybuilders have known that free weights build muscle size, strength and power faster than any other form of resistance training. Today's smart bodybuilders are also acutely aware that the process does not take as much time as many have erroneously believed and that, by using dumbbells (because they do require balance), the whole process happens more quickly than with machines or even free-weight barbells. Nearly all serious bodybuilders use free-weight barbells and dumbbells almost exclusively to do their ominous thing.

Over the last 12 years, ongoing American University Athletic Department and PE Research has verified that a free weight, all-PowerBlock dumbbell program produces high levels of strength and size. These great results were accomplished even with short (as little as 12-30 minutes duration), high intensity workouts.

Indeed, there has been improvement as much as a phenomenal 110% strength increase in only six weeks. That 210-pound male subject more than doubled his maximum seated supported incline press of 95-to-205 pounds.

And some gained close to 30% in some muscle group volume (three subjects in upper arm measurements). Again, all this has been pleasantly noted in six weeks of training time or less. Changes in the upper body are unusually impressive, where dumbbells lend themselves best.

The Most Effective 18-Minute Home Training Blast

The study results that the American College of Muscle alludes to herein prove, without a doubt, that you can do over 100-functional exercises with the PowerBlock dumbbells in combination with an adjustable bench. A workout of just under 20-minutes proved adequate to build strength and size in just six weeks.

Monday And Thursday

All sets are to failure within the prescribed rep range.


Do the same workout as above, but keep all the repetitions between 6-8, with heavier weights naturally. Start with incline presses. Substitute either triceps kickbacks or one-arm extensions for triceps instead of the curls for biceps. (And don't forget to work your abs and lower body and do some aerobics on opposite days.)

A Comment From Jeff Everson

My long time devotees (which is to say, about three people, including my mother), know that I hold unbridled enthusiasm for free weights and especially good dumbbells, York, Ivanko and the PowerBlocks, for example. The fact remains, in my 35 years of hard core training, I can't recall ONE person who built the highest level of strength and muscle training with machines only, in lieu of free weight barbells and dumbbells, Not one. I don't believe in endorsing much or easily and once I do, you can bet it's for life, regardless. If it is not, then what can be said of a man's word, honor and integrity?

The dumbbell systems you see advertised in PLANET MUSCLE have passed our blue ribbon certifications, so if we tell you that PowerBlock dumbbells are the best, please trust that they are the best. All blue ribbon, certified products come backed by a full money-back guarantee at all times. With the PowerBlocks, you can make a pair of dumbbells change from 5 pounds to 45 or 85 pounds in 2 seconds (PowerBlock dumbbells, up to 85 pounds take up no more space than two, size 13 shoe boxes.) You just can't imagine how convenient they are. When I saw and tried the PowerBlocks, I thought they were the greatest things since the weight plate itself. These dumbbells are as perfectly balanced as any professional dumbbells that I have ever used and they are extremely smooth.

As I stated once on a National TV show, I'd bet $50,000 that I could produce greater upper body chest and shoulder muscle growth and strength increases with a set of PowerBlock Dumbbells and Bench, than ANY other single machine or non-free weight system in the world today. That's regardless of price. For those who want the feel and movement of real dumbbells, PowerBlocks are universally acknowledged (without my help) as the best in the world today. We at PLANET MUSCLE are so enamored with PowerBlocks that all of our staff have sets in their home gyms and I use them for the filming of the Planet Muscle TV show on the E! Cable Network.

If you are interested in obtaining a set of PowerBlock dumbbells call the number listed here. Once more, EVERYONE who calls this number will automatically be entered in our "Free-Weight, POWERBLOCK Extravaganza" where THE WINNER receives a great PRIZE, an all-expense paid trip for two to beautiful, tropical HAWAII! The winner will be announced on Feb 1, 2002. CALL: 800-997-3999 to order a brochure.

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