Layne Norton, PhD


  • Ph.D. Nutritional Science with a specialization in skeletal muscle protein metabolism at the University of Illinois
  • BS in Biochemistry from Eckerd College
  • IFPA Natural Bodybuilding Pro
  • NGA Natural Bodybuilding Pro
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How I Started Lifting

I was pretty small when I started high school (130lbs.) and I got picked on quite a bit. After years of torture (and not getting any girls) I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The summer after my freshman year I started lifting with a set of sand weights in my basement and using a routine from a lifting book I borrowed from the library. Ever since that summer I've never looked back. I went from 130 lbs. to my current weight of 205lbs. as a sophomore in college.

I also along the way made up my mind that I would stay totally natural. I never have and never will take steroids, prohormones, insulin, or growth hormone.


Place top 5 in my first natural pro show.

Contest History

I won the 2001 INBF (International natural bodybuilding federation) Men's Novice tall (heavyweight) and Teenage Overall Mid-America Muscle Classic titles.

    • 2002 SNBF Mr. Tennessee: Open Tall Class Winner
    • 2004 NGA Internationals: 3rd place men's open heavyweight
    • 2004 ABA Mr. Indiana: Tall Class and Overall winner
    • 2004 ABA Mr. Illinois: Tall Class and Overall winner
    • 2006 OCB Spirit of America: 2nd place men's open heavyweight
    • 2006 OCB Great Lakes States: Heavyweight and Overall winner*
    • 2006 NGA Heart of America Natural Classic: Heavyweight and Overall winner*

    *Denotes pro qualifier.

Inside The Life Of A Natural Pro

You knew it was just a matter of time before everyone's favorite Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Layne Norton, would host his own video series... Well, the wait is finally over!

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Vital Stats

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 226 (offseason)
  • Calves: 17"
  • Thighs: 27.25" (at largest part) & 26" (at halfway up the thigh)
  • Waist: 35"
  • Chest & Back: 48"
  • Shoulders: 55.25"
  • Arms: 18"

Podcast Interview

Listen to Dan Gastelu's podcast interview with Layne Norton, here:

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