Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint To Cut: Day 12

These high-rep leg days will push you to the breaking point. Do not give in. Give more.

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Leg day can be better for you if you use a partner. Sure, they can spot you, but more importantly they can push you to do more. Arnold did legs with Dave Draper and Ed Corney, men who could lift more than him. He thrived when challenged.

"Good things don't happen by coincidence," says Arnold. "Every dream carries with it certain risks, especially the risk of failure. But I am not stopped by risks. Suppose a great person takes the risk and fails. Then the person must try again. You cannot fail forever. If you try ten times, you have a better chance of making it on the eleventh try than if you didn't try at all."

Think about that as you get to your 10th sets today. Try. Finish. Follow the blueprint.


Barbell Squat

8 sets of 12 reps
Barbell Squat Barbell Squat


Leg Extensions

10 sets of 10 reps (last set is a strip set)
Leg Extensions Leg Extensions

Seated Leg Curl

10 sets of 10 reps (last set is a strip set)
Seated Leg Curl Seated Leg Curl


Standing Calf Raises

10 sets of 10 reps
Standing Calf Raises Standing Calf Raises
Note: Take a drink of water (30-45 seconds) between sets

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