Lots of things aren't allowed on commercial air flights: smoking, firearms, knives, bombs, liquids, etc. As Instagram star Jen Selter found out on Monday, evidently sarcasm isn't allowed on board either—and it cost her a flight to New York.

Due to mechanical problems with the aircraft, Selter and a plane-full of American Airlines passengers had been sitting on the tarmac at Miami International Airport for two hours. Hot and exasperated, Selter finally got up out of her chair to stretch and put away her jacket. As she did, a flight attendant reportedly walked over and asked her to please be seated. 

There's nothing unusual about flight attendants asking passengers to take their seats, but they usually ask it when a plane is about to take off, not after it's been sitting still for two hours with no sign of movement. Probably a bit miffed at the repeated delays, Selter suggested the flight attendant just relax. That, evidently, was her first wrong move; never speak disrespectfully to flight attendants. But then the attendant asked her in apparent seriousness if she wanted to be removed from the flight. She said yes.

Selter meant it sarcastically, but that was not how it was received. Despite other nearby passengers coming to her defense, the flight attendant called the captain, who summoned local police, who took Selter off the plane despite her pleas that she had been kidding and wanted to stay on the plane.  

American Airlines evidently tried to contain a negative social media storm by explaining that they'd offered Selter hotel accommodations and transportation to and from the hotel. Not so, says Selter, they offered "bupkus"—nothing.

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