One of the best rewards of hard training is a well-earned cheat meal. Celebrity trainer and Cellucor-sponsored athlete Ron "Boss" Everline knows this well as he heads to Austin, Texas, not just to enjoy the city's famous barbecue, but to earn it.

If you want to eat big, you've got to work out big, too. Boss has a special workout strategically planned for his cheat day. He'll be doing a big warm-up with a cardio component, but still pushing iron.

"I'm going to burn as many calories as I possibly can so I can indulge a little more in food," Everline says on the drive to Gold's Gym in Austin.

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That said, this isn't something Boss does all the time. The calories—and the training volume—can add up. As someone who travels frequently, he's learned to strike a balance between indulging in local cuisine and staying strict.

"It's difficult to indulge in every city," he says. But Austin, with its renowned barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine, is worth it. "This is going to be the most epic cheat meal ever," he says, the sandwiches and sides piled high in front of him.

Watch the video to see Everline's "earn it and eat it" workout protocol and the kind of insane cheat meal you can find in Austin!

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