I'm a big fan of elastic-resistance training and an even bigger one of cardioacceleration, so why not combine the two? For the uninitiated, cardioacceleration means doing 30-60-second intervals of cardio in between sets of resistance exercise.

The following workout is a bands-only routine (plus some bodyweight moves) that's great for when you don't have access to other equipment or if you just want to switch things up. It's also an effective alternative to cardio, targeting all the major muscle groups and incorporating such techniques as supersets, giant sets, and cardioacceleration to keep the intensity high and your heart pumping. The result is a brutal session that builds power, strength, aerobic conditioning, and muscle while torching body fat.

The workout is broken down into five exercise groups, each focusing on particular upper-body muscles with legs and full-body movements worked as the cardioacceleration component:

  • Group 1: Chest and Back with Legs
  • Group 2: Chest and Back with Full Body
  • Group 3: Shoulders and Legs
  • Group 4:Biceps and Triceps with Full Body
  • Group 5: Abs and Calves

Perform each group like a circuit and complete all sets of each group before moving on to the next group.

The intent here is constant movement, so keep your rests to a bare minimum—not just within specific supersets, giant sets, and cardioacceleration periods, but also between body-part groups. This workout will kick your glutes, but trust me, you'll appreciate the fat-burning benefits and the cardiovascular adaptations when it's over.

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Cardioacceleration Band Workout
Perform the exercises in order with as little rest as possible between exercises and sets.
Perform explosively so your hands lift off the floor at the top of each rep.
3 sets, 5-8 reps (no rest)
+ 5 more exercises


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