To maximize the benefits of eating collagen, you want to make sure you're getting plenty in your diet. From whole foods like fruits and veggies to convenient supplements, there are more sources of this health-boosting protein than you might imagine. Here are six easy ways to get more collagen into your meals:

1. Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential building block for collagen production, so consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C will directly improve body function. The foods highest in vitamin C include fruits such as citrus, strawberries, and tomatoes, as well as vegetables like dark leafy greens, peppers, and potatoes.

Foods rich in vitamin c.

2. Egg Whites

Chock-full of the major components of collagen, egg whites are a great addition to your diet. With an endless supply of egg white omelet recipes available, it's easy to start your day off right, especially if you add plenty of healthy veggies.

3. Bone Broth

This trendy star of the Keto-diet world may seem intimidating, but it's really as easy as mixing bones with water and simmering them long enough to extract as much nutrition as possible. Jampacked with collagen, amino acids, and several other nutrients, bone broth can be made in bulk and frozen so you can enjoy the benefits for months. Just be sure to get the best-quality bones to maximize the nutrients available.

4. Oatmeal

Supercharge your breakfast by dropping an extra dose of collagen into your morning oats. Simply prepare your favorite recipe, add a single scoop right before serving, and enjoy.

5. Smoothie

Who doesn't love to start the morning with a delicious, nutritious breakfast smoothie? Make yours even healthier by adding collagen. Just toss a single scoop in your blender, as in this tasty recipe:

Who doesnt love to start the morning with a delicious, nutritious breakfast smoothie?

VIew Recipe Here

Not a smoothie fan? Collagen powder can add not just a healthy boost, but also flavor to your morning cup of joe. It dissolves easily in any sort of beverage that suits your taste.

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