Why it's on the list: The strength of this exercise is its versatility. It works for any fitness level, on any cable machine, and you can add any amount of resistance you need to train at your target rep range. You can also use a resistance band if you don't have a cable stack handy.

Despite these advantages, plenty of people still do them wrong! Here are the biggest points to remember, from the article, "4 Cable Crunch Blunders."

  • Squeeze your glutes and keep your hips forward. Sitting back targets more hip flexors.  
  • Round your back during each rep.  
  • Keep your hands next to your head to avoid making it a shoulder and upper-body move.  
  • Keep your neck neutral. Don't tuck your chin.

Got it? Now put it into action.

Cable Crunch Variations for Ab Development:

In your workout: This is another good first or second exercise that can be done for a low-to-moderate number of reps. Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps. If you want to add a dropset, change the pin or use a lighter resistance band when you reach muscle failure and immediately perform another 8-10 reps.

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