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    Fighting Off Free Radicals

    By: Marie Spano

    Think you can only get antioxidants through supplements or expensive juicing machines? If you're losing sleep for fear of losing the battle against free radicals, it's time for an antioxidant reality check!

    Date Added: Sep 8, 2014

  • How A├žai Berries Are Good For You!

    By: Marie Spano

    Acai is not a miracle weight loss supplement and it will not help you burn fat. However, it is a healthy berry that's loaded with antioxidants. Find out how this berry really can help you.

    Date Added: Oct 19, 2010

  • Oxidative Stress And Exercise: Role Of Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (GPLC)!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Oxidative stress occurs when the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) exceeds antioxidant defense... Discover what ROS is and how GPLC could play a role in stabilizing its negative effects!

    Date Added: Jun 24, 2008

  • Antioxidants - Maximizing The Training Effect.

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    Antioxidants form a front line defense against cell damage caused by free radicals...Get detailed information right here about the importance of vitamins and various types of antioxidants including vitamins C and many more.

    Date Added: Oct 10, 2007

  • Antioxidants: Definitions, Facts & The Color Wheel.

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    Health headlines today are always focused around the topics of antioxidants. You cannot pick foods at the store without seeing the antioxidant hype. Learn about antioxidants from the following definitions, facts, and food color wheel right here!

    Date Added: Aug 28, 2007

  • Antioxidants: A Detailed Outline Of What They Are And What They Do.

    By: Matt Weik

    Free radical damage can range from mutating the cell, damaging the cell, and even killing the cell. If any one of these happen, it can negatively affect your health. This article will outline everything you need to know about antioxidants.

    Date Added: Apr 11, 2007

  • Antioxidant Power.

    By: Kim Brown

    According to research, a few months of consuming more antioxidants in the form of colorful fruits and vegetables and potentially supplementing with an antioxidant compound may reduce incidence of infection, quicken recovery and enhance daily performance.

    Date Added: Dec 3, 2004

  • Antioxidants For Athletes!

    By: John Berardi

    Studies have shown that both strength and endurance athletes produce more free radicals than untrained individuals. Find out what they can do for you...

    Date Added: Aug 13, 2004

  • Y2K Antioxidants: The Emergence Of Phytochemicals!

    By: John Berardi

    The problem, however, is that stress, exercise, pollution, aging, and a number of disease states can lead to an overwhelming of these natural antioxidant defenses. In such situations, additional antioxidants in the form of foods or supplements may...

    Date Added: Jul 31, 2004

  • Lipoic Acid: The Super Supplement!

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant. That alone would justify it's place in our must have supplement list. But lipoic acid does much more.

    Date Added: Nov 13, 2003

  • All About Antioxidant Supplementation!

    By: ISSA

    I have collected a series of articles form various publications that collectively summarize many of the most current perspectives on supplementing antioxidants.

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2003

  • The Lowdown On Antioxidants

    By: David Knowles

    These little trouble makers are produced naturally by the body as we obtain energy from our food in a process called oxidative phosphorylation.

    Date Added: Nov 6, 2002