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There are many important benefits of consuming a combination of protein and carbohydrates during or after training and exercise. Learn what you are missing out on...

Everyone knows that your body uses protein to build and repair muscles. They also know that carbohydrates are used to provide energy and fuel for your body during training and exercise. What they might not realize is the importance of taking a combination of the two, and the benefits that they could be missing out on if they are not.

The Many Benefits Of Carbohydrates
First let’s look at the benefits of adding carbohydrates to your drink during and after training.

  • Improved aerobic and anaerobic endurance during training
  • Decreased stress response to training
  • Improved immune function post training
  • Improved whole body rehydration
  • Improved muscle and liver glycogen resynthesis

The Many Benefits Of Protein
Now let’s look at the benefits of adding protein to your carbohydrate drink.

4Ever Fit Fruit Blast - The Whey
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Common Questions & Answers

It seems pretty obvious that a combination of carbs and protein during and after training will benefit anyone interested in reaching higher performance levels.

Review: Post-Exercise Carbohydrate/Protein Drinks!
Post exercise Carbohydrate & Protein supplements contain "fast" protein and carbohydrates meaning quickly digested and absorbed proteins and simple sugars.
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[ Q ]   How much should I take?

    As a starting point for a general recommendation try ingesting 30g carbohydrate and 15g protein in 500ml of water for every hour of training. Follow your training with a complete meal taken within an hour of finishing.

[ Q ]   When should I take it?

    The general recommendation of 30g carb + 15g protein should be sufficient for every hour long training session done during your weekly routine. If you are taking part in sports or intense training that lasts for hours at a time continue to take in the above ratio for every additional hour of training or exercise.

[ Q ]   What kind of supplements should I use?

    A Protein Whey Isolate would provide you with a quality protein source that would easily mix in water or juice. Isolates are generally lighter tasting and would be ideal for sipping out of a water bottle.

    A Mineral and Electrolyte replacement would be an excellent source of carbohydrates. Most mineral and electrolyte drinks are fruit flavored and are liquid or powders that are designed to be completely soluble in water. Again perfect for your water bottle.

Rehydration & Sports Drinks Ingredients!
Not all sports drinks are created equal. Make sure you do your research when picking out these drinks. Below I have broken out what some major sports drinks contain.
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Useful Tips
Here are some tips for Making your Carb/Protein Drink.

  • Get a water bottle with a large neck or opening, makes it easier to add powder.
  • Look for mineral/electrolyte drinks that match flavors or compliment your protein powder.
  • Add your powders to your dry water bottle at home; add water from cooler at the gym. This way it will be cold and you don’t risk spilling in your gym bag.
  • Buy powders to mix yourself, always cheaper then RTD’s.
  • Look for powders that mix and taste good in water.