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Some Truth That Will Hurt!

Clear your mind of all you've learned before you read below, I am going to share with you some information that is probably new to you.

Clear your mind of all you've learned before you read below, I am going to share with you some information that is probably new to you. I'm sure all of you love to do 10+ reps and create that burn, make yourself hurt and what not. In due time you're going to come to a plateau, your not growing anymore no matter what you you add more reps, WRONG. You're all worried about form more than overloading your muscles, how do you ever expect to grow if you don't force your muscles to grow? Chances are if you are reading the other articles around here your using the preacher bench for most your curls for 10+ reps each set.

A Little Truth...
Remember when you first began working out and you didn't know a damn thing except how to perform the movement, didn't know a thing about form or how many reps to do, nor sets? Remember the gains you created for yourself in the beginning? Everyone always says you get the best gains in the beginning but the truth is that the beginning lasts till the end if you don't poison your mind. It all started with the first day you started, next day sore as hell, always sore until you started reading those books and listening to others about form and reps. You started doing more reps, loosened up on the weight and added a few ISOLATED muscle movements. What's going on? You're not gaining 5 pounds a week anymore...oh well it must be because you always get the best gains when you FIRST start working out? Well, good news you can restart that cycle and have it last till the end of time.

End the Pain...
Heres some news for you. People say when working out and creating that burn your creating a type of acid that will force muscle growth, total bullshit. FATIGUE WILL NOT BUILD MUSCLE! Overload accompanied by nutrition and intensity is the only way to grow. Whenever I work out I ask someone what I look like I can bench press 4-6 times and if they say 230 pounds ill put up 235 or 240 4-6 times just to wack myself up and prove them wrong. It's all about forcing yourself to the point where you don't believe you can. I gain a good 20-30 pounds in my bench press every month because I eat more than my family put together, I train harder each time I go, I do ONLY the movements that you can overload on and I force that overload even though I don't believe I can do it. It's all about low reps, low sets, high intensity workouts.

Stick to the basics...
If your doing preacher curls for biceps how do you ever expect to overload them? Doing that negative rep bullshit? No, won't work sorry. You ever seen a TRUE big guy in your gym skip barbell curls for concentration curls? No, the reason because of this is the barbell curl is NOT isolated so you may overload your biceps by doing more weight than you can by doing preacher curls with loose form. If you put your back to a wall you might as well waste your time doing some more preacher curls, isolation is not the key. Ever seen Skip La Cour work out? The guy curls 225 and he uses a natural form, doesn't put his back to a wall, doesn't use a arm blaster, never does any isolated movements. Just like in the beginning you used natural form and got great gains in comparison to now, where your mind is poisoned by magazines and words of people who use steroids to make all their gains. I will write some examples of movements that can cause overload if you place enough weight on them below for you people to work on for yourself.

Chest: Flat Bench Barbell or Dumbell Bench Press, Incline Barbell or Dumbell Press, Decline Barbell or Dumbell Press, Dumbell Flys

Back: Pull ups, V-Bar Pull Downs, Barbell or One Handed Dumbell Rows (Bent Over), Cable Rows, DEAD LIFTS ARE MUSTS, Hyperextensions

Legs: Squats, Front Squats, Leg Extensions, Leg press, Leg Curls, Stiff Leg Dead Lift, Lunges, Standing and Sitting Calf Raises.

Shoulders and Traps: Barbell or Dumbell Shoulder Press, Military Press, Dumbell Side Laterals, Dumbell or Barbell Shrugs, Upright Rows

Bi's and Tri's: Straight Barbell or Dumbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Straight Bar Cable Curls, Tricep Cable Pressdowns, Tricep Press(Skullcrushers), Seated Overhead Tricep Press, Dumbell Kickbacks

These are just some movements you can overload your muscles with, basically all my workouts revolve around them. 4-6 Reps is all you need to overload them and keep it heavy, if you can do more than 6 reps then the weight is too light, if you can't do 4 then the weight is too much, very basic. You should never do anymore than 5-9 sets each muscle, don't overtrain it's the worst thing that can happen other than getting your legs cut off.