Shane Raymond Fitness 360: Training

Shane Raymond’s training is military-grade. Try his workout program and transform your physique!

Shane Raymond is an athlete and soldier, and his training is military-grade. Follow his intense training regimen and see if you have the strength to survive. You'll have to give the workouts everything you've got, or we guarantee you'll get whipped.

Shane Raymond

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Shane's Training Philosophy ///

"As a bodybuilder, I don't look at training as just bodybuilding exercises," Shane says. "I incorporate many training methods such as powerlifting, high-volume training, and pre-exhaust on a weekly rotational basis.

"Each week of my training is different and I believe you need a variety of different training methods to build an all-round, thick, dense physique." Shane typically follows a two-days-on, one-day-off training split.

Shane's Training Regimen ///
Day 1: Chest/Biceps
Day 2: Quads/Hamstrings/Calves


Resume regular sets

Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Shoulders/Abs
Day 5: Back/Triceps
  • Barbell Deadlift Barbell Deadlift

    Barbell Deadlift (or other compound back exercises)

    10 sets of 10, with 70 percent 1RM; 60-second rest
  • Triceps Exercise Triceps Exercise

    Triceps Exercise

    6 sets, 15 reps; 60-second rest