Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Massive St. George

Bodybuilding doesn't immediately click for everyone. That was the case for Matthew, whose previous lifting stint was halted by boredom. See how he rekindled his love for the weight room!

Name: Matthew St George
BodySpace: Gr8nes5
Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 20  Height: 5'10"  Weight: 91kg
Years Competing: 1

How Did Your Bodybuilding Journey Begin?

I started lifting at 15 and kept at it till I was 17, but then I stopped and the gym became a hobby; food no longer held the same level of importance. I decided to get back into bodybuilding during September of 2011 when I met my still current trainer, Michael Lee. He helped me transform my physique massively and gain 12kg in six months.

How Did Your Passion For Bodybuilding Emerge?

My passion for bodybuilding emerged as a young teenager from looking at the physiques of bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Frank Zane, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I saw these guys, admired the physiques they created and the effort it takes to develop that body. From that, I knew I wanted to create a physique I could be proud of, so I started to get involved in bodybuilding following a proper nutrition and training program.

What/Who Motivated You To Be A Bodybuilder?

I would have to say Arnold Schwarzenegger again. Seeing what he achieved, how bodybuilding improved many areas of his life, and helped him get into other avenues made me want to be involved in bodybuilding.

Where Did You Go For Inspiration?

I believe my inspiration comes from within. I look at myself in the mirror every day and critique myself on how I look and what I would like to improve or make bigger. By constantly assessing my physique, I am constantly inspired to make improvements day-in, day-out.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

My future plans are to enjoy my offseason and make some impressive lean muscle gains before I compete again. I will look at competing at the end of next year or possibly the year after in my last year of juniors. Long-term goal of mine are to just continue bodybuilding naturally, create my ideal physique, and keep enjoying my training and dieting.

What Is The Most Important Bodybuilding Tip?

Ensure your nutrition is as clean as possible for the majority of the time. Muscle is gained outside the gym, therefore nutrition is extremely important for me. Grab yourself a good trainer and learn all the information you can from them. Most of all, ensure you have balance between good nutrition, training, and other lifestyle choices. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, but there needs to be balance between all other things in life. Keep that in the back of your mind, and most of all, just make sure you keep enjoying the sport. Longevity is the key for success.

Who Is Your Favorite Bodybuilder?

My favorite bodybuilder would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only was his physique impeccable, but he also had the charisma and personality to make him much more impressive.

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