Jim Brewster


I'm married - 19 years to my beautiful wife Sandy, and we have 4 kids. I started bodybuilding in 1980, getting into it through a friend. Back then, the "supplement" business was pretty much Joe Weider, and if you read his magazines, it was all about the "Weider principles". Steroids? Never mentioned in the magazines!

In 1990, I began working for a major retail supplement company (GNC). I was hired because I knew more than the manager did. It didn't take long for me to see the massive amount of misinformation out there, so I made it a point to "educate" every customer that came in my store. I was as interested in their training and nutrition as I was in their sale.

I have been in that business at various levels (from part time sales to District Manager) ever since, although now not with GNC. I have taken college nutrition courses in an effort to advance my knowledge. I have 25 years in the game, always been natural but don't mind what other people choose to do. That choice is important however because it affects everything you can do in the gym and at the table.

I have over 15 years experience helping people not only with their supplement choices but with their training and nutrition programs as well.