Jim Brewster


I'm married - 19 years to my beautiful wife Sandy, and we have 4 kids. I started bodybuilding in 1980, getting into it through a friend. Back then, the "supplement" business was pretty much Joe Weider, and if you read his magazines, it was all about the "Weider principles". Steroids? Never mentioned in the magazines!

In 1990, I began working for a major retail supplement company (GNC). I was hired because I knew more than the manager did. It didn't take long for me to see the massive amount of misinformation out there, so I made it a point to "educate" every customer that came in my store. I was as interested in their training and nutrition as I was in their sale.

I have been in that business at various levels (from part time sales to District Manager) ever since, although now not with GNC. I have taken college nutrition courses in an effort to advance my knowledge. I have 25 years in the game, always been natural but don't mind what other people choose to do. That choice is important however because it affects everything you can do in the gym and at the table.

I have over 15 years experience helping people not only with their supplement choices but with their training and nutrition programs as well.


  • Post-Workout Carbs: Best Choices To Grow & Recover!

  • Beginning Bodybuilding: Supplement Basics

    This article is meant for the newer lifter that isn't sure what supplements to take, when to take them or how to take them. I will also talk about some stacks that people are using and having good luck with.

  • Off-Season Size And Strength Training Program!

    The winter months are the time of year to gain mass and strength or maybe by bringing up a weak body part or two. The focus of the following program will be strength, basic exercises and higher reps. Try it out ... if you dare!

  • Creating The Illusion Of Size: Maximizing Width

    Increase your shoulder width to appear several inches wider. Below you will find routines and exercises that will help you build the appearance of width.

  • Monitoring Progress: Common Training Mistakes

    Training mistakes can lead to a lack of progress or worse. In this article, I will identify and offer solutions to a number of those mistakes. Find out what they are right here.

  • Are You Using These In Your Workouts? If Not, You Should Be!

    All of the following examples will allow you to mix up your routines a bit and spark some new growth. Try the following exercises and techniques to see if they work for you. Learn more right here.

  • Supplement Stacks For Size!

    Hard work on any routine, even if eating perfectly, just never paid off as well as when I added a good supplement stack. Learn about some great stacks right here.

  • Nitrogen Balance, Hormone Manipulation And Recovery: Critical Factors In Bodybuilding!

    This article will be different than many training articles you see in the magazines and on the internet. Today I'll cover aspects like hormone manipulation, the importance of a positive nitrogen balance, and proper recovery. Get this and more!

  • Killer Biceps! Part 2

    Due to the response to my biceps article, I decided to do another one, dealing with some of the many questions I've been asked. This time my main concern is about recovery. Read below to learn more about recovery and bicep supersets.

  • Beginning Bodybuilding: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 3)!

    This series of articles is written for the beginning bodybuilder, someone who either has been training a very short time or just starting out. Part 3: continue with 3-day split and get invaluable tips on creating your own routines.

  • Beginning Bodybuilding: A Comprehensive Guide!

    This series of articles is written for the beginning bodybuilder, someone who either has been training a very short time with some initial knowledge of weight training, but who is unsure of what they're doing, or someone just starting out.

  • Killer Chest Training - Tips And Routines!

    Some guys added size to their chest without much trouble. I had a hard time in that area so a great deal of research had been required to fix it. Here are some great tips and routines to make a stubborn chest grow.

  • A Complete Body Workout With The Ultimate Mass Routine!

    Are you looking to build some serious size, but can't find much time to train due to a hectic, busy lifestyle? Then look no further, I have the routine for you!

  • A Beginner's Guide To Losing Body Fat!

    The first thing I'm going to tell you is, don't go on a diet. Why? Because most diets are not based on sound nutritional principles. Learn more from these principles, nutrition tips, and workouts!

  • Killer Back Training!

    Training the back is probably one of the most complicated bodybuilding training experiences. Learn why and how to build a great back!

  • Killer Leg Training!

    I love squats. There's nothing like the feeling of a heavy bar on your back as you go up and down. Welcome to killer leg training!

  • How 7 Types Of Creatine And Nitric Oxide Build Your Muscle!

    Creatine has been one of the most popular sports supplements since its introduction. Yet, there is still a lot of mystery regarding it. Here's more about what it is, its history, use in bodybuilding, and its tie in to Nitric Oxide. Here we go!

  • Beginning Nutrition: The Facts About Protein, Carbs & Fat

    If you want to see best results from a training program, proper nutrition is critical. This means proper intake of calories, macro nutrients - protein, carbs & fats... Learn why they are important and the best time to have them.

  • Beginning Bodybuilding: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 2)!

    This series of articles is written for the beginning bodybuilder, someone who either has been training a very short time or just starting out. In part 2 we go from the basic full body routine to a split routine. Get the workout & tips right here!

  • 20-Rep Squat Routine: Variations & Benefits!

    Most people don't like normal squats, let alone some mutant variation for 20 reps! In this article I'll touch on the history, give you some examples of early routines and give you a routine to follow based on this exercise.

  • 5 Training Routines To Build Your Back... Fast!

    The back is a challenge - many people cannot feel those muscles working when they train. Find out more and try these 5 routines to build your back... fast!

  • Rep Variation Training!

    Even though many people do just toss the bar up and down, rep performance ties in directly with the effectiveness of your set. Learn more about varying rep speed and how it can help you make better gains!

  • Training When You Don't Have Time!

    Are you one of those people who lead a very busy life? Do you have a job that demands 60+ hours a week? Then try this program to work with.

  • The Ultimate Home Gym!

    Home training is big news. It's so much easier in today's hectic and busy world. If you're older, with a job and family obligations, going to a gym just isn't always possible.

  • Total Lat Training!

    If you have ever wondered about how to train the lats then look no further. This article is 100% about training the lats. Bonus material includes a beginning to advanced program.

  • Dominate The Football Field With This Game-Winning Supplement & Nutrition Guide!

    As a football player, your daily calorie requirement skyrockets over that of the average person. Here's a great list of supplements and nutrition basics to keep you at the top of your game!

  • Devastating Deltoids!

    There's nothing quite like wide, cannonball delts. What a visual impact they make! My eyes are always drawn to great shoulder development pretty much before anything else. Build your own!

  • 10-Minute Muscle Builders

    Skyrocket your gains with these 4 super-dense workouts.

  • Anabolic Training For The Over 40 Bodybuilder!

    For those older, natural bodybuilders, the idea of manipulating the body's natural hormones through exercise and diet should be exciting. Learn how.

  • The Summer Shred: Your Beach-Body Program!

    Summer's coming, and it's time to lose body fat, get in shape and look good. Here's a supplement, diet and training plan that can help you do just that.

  • Coming Back After A 5-Year Layoff When You're Near 50 - Part Two!

    As an older bodybuilder, I find I need to keep my workouts to about 45 minutes. This lets me train my hardest and doesn't cut into my recovery time.

  • Workout Routine For Killer Triceps!

    When you think of big arms, what do you think of? I bet most of you would answer biceps. Find out what exercises work for building huge arms!

  • Wimpy Chest No More: 3 Chest Routines For Massive Growth!

    What can I do to lose my small, weak chest? This seems to be the most common weak point I hear about. Here are a few routines that are sure to blast new growth into your chest. Good luck!

  • Killer Calf Training!

    Learn to understand the muscles you're working in order to get maximum results. I will discuss this and lay out a sample routine for you to try.

  • Killer Biceps! Part 1

    Most people love to train biceps, flexing their arms with pride at the end of every set, yet not always seeing the kind of results they want to see. This article will tell you how to get the results you want from your biceps training.

  • Coming Back After A 5-Year Layoff When You're Near 50!

    Once bit by the iron bug always bit, so I came back to bodybuilding at the ripe young age of 47 and in terrible shape. This is how I got back!

  • Training Splits: Which One Is Best?

    Before I detail several of the split routine options out there, you will need to what days you have available for training. You can read it now and see why it will be beneficial to know your schedule.

  • Total Trap Training!

    If you have ever wondered about how to train the traps then look no further. This article is 100% about training the traps. Bonus material includes a beginning to advanced program.