Flank and Greens
Sean Sarantos
Sean Sarantos Beast
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547 Calories
12 g Carbs
76 g Protein
22 g Fat
Total Time
2 servings

Make this delicious steak recipe any time. It's simple, fantastic, only takes minutes to make, and will feed your hungry muscles for the long haul!


  • 1½ lb flank steak, cut into cubes or strips
  • 16 whole asparagus spears
  • 2 tbsp sweet and sour sauce

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  1. Heat the stovetop to medium and spray a large skillet with non-stick spray.
  2. Cut flank steak into bite-sized cubes or strips.
  3. Chop asparagus into bite-sized bits.
  4. Put steak and asparagus into skillet and cook until steak becomes brown. When steak browns, turn off heat and cover skillet.
  5. After 3-5 minutes, pour the ingredients in a bowl and add just a tbsp or two of sweet and sour sauce.

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