2015 True Strength Student Challenge

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Our Winners Have True Strength!

For the first time ever, we challenged university students to show us their true strength and upgrade their physiques. Participants all over the UK worked hard to balance book time with barbell time and in 8 short weeks they achieved incredible results. Our male and female grand prize winners will receive a year’s supply of Optimum Nutrition supplements and 6 months of healthy food from Yolo Food Co. Congratulations to them and everyone who took on this Challenge!
Male Grand Prize Winner:
Toby Fielder

Weight Lost: 20.7lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 5%

Toby started lifting for rugby after he injured his knee. Visible progress in the weight room and in the mirror have motivated him to keep going strong. We think Toby’s hard work is definitely paying off: He’s looking jacked and he lost more than 20 lbs. in just 8 weeks!

Female Grand Prize Winner:
Stephanie Hill

Weight Lost: 8.37lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 4.4%

Stephanie has been living the fit life for about three years now and loves “seeing the changes in my body and finding out what it can do.” With this challenge, she set a goal to keep her hard-earned muscle while leaning out and we’d say she definitely succeeded!