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2015 No Limits Transformation Challenge

When your routine stays the same, you stay the same.

Our Winners Have No Limits

Chester, Nicole, and Peggy clearly have No Limits! The kinds of results they were able to achieve in just 6 weeks blew our minds. Congratulations to them, our runners up, and everyone who finished this tough Challenge!
Male Grand Prize Winner:
Chester Thomas III

Weight Lost: 25.8lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 12%   Prize: $15,000 USD

This is Chester’s first challenge, but with results like this, we doubt it will be his last! How’d he do it? A smart mix of our Y3T training plan and a cutting regimen developed by our $200,000 Transformation Challenge winner, Chandler Camden.

Female Grand Prize Winner:
Peggy Pullen

Weight Lost: 15lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 2%   Prize: $15,000 USD

Peggy Pullen is unstoppable! Our very first TFL winner, this iron goddess has now destroyed three challenges in a row, torching 70 pounds of fat and adding muscle all over her fierce frame. And did we mention she’s 47 years old?

Transform For Life Winner:
Nicole Perttu

Weight Lost: 16lbs   Bodyfat Lost: 5%   Prize: $5,000 USD

This dedicated transformer joined BodySpace about a year ago and has stayed strong through plateaus, a breakup, and a job change. Nicole credits her fitfam with inspiring her to keep going. Now she’s the one inspiring millions!