The short answer: yes, but you still have to work.

Krissy Kendall, Ph.D., says protein is worth prioritizing first in your diet, and should make up at least 30 percent of your total calories when weight loss is the goal.

"Meeting your protein requirements in your diet is especially important when you increase your activity level (through exercise)," she says in the article "How to Lose Weight." "Not only does this macro help your body build and maintain muscle mass, it may help to facilitate weight loss, and can increase your feelings of fullness. So, while you may associate a protein shake primarily with getting bigger, it can be just as important an ally when weight loss is the goal!"

Protein can also help you lose weight because it has a higher thermic effect than carbohydrates and fat combined. This means your body burns more calories to digest, absorb, and distribute nutrients from protein than with carbs and fats.

That's why the number of calories in your protein shake doesn't tell the whole story. Boost your protein first, and you might be surprised by the results you can achieve.