No-Bake Chocolate Chia Peanut Butter Balls
Jillian Beck
Jillian Beck
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167 Calories
12 g Carbs
5 g Protein
11 g Fat
Total Time
4 servings

I know I am not the only one who gets the occasional craving for that amazing combo of chocolate and peanut butter. These little gems are guilt-free, rich, and satisfying!


  • ¼ cup powdered Stevia
  • ¼ cup splenda, brown sugar blend
  • ¼ cup natural peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder, unsweetened
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips
  • 2 tbsp oat flour

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  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Form mixture into small, golf-ball sized balls.
  3. Put balls on a plate, cover, and put in the fridge.

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