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Personal Trainer Affiliate Program

Become a personal trainer affiliate, and you could get paid to provide your clients with cutting-edge tools that complement your training programs.


Like you, our mission is to help our visitors reach their health, fitness, and appearance goals through information, motivation, and supplementation. With more than 1.1 million unique visitors daily, is the world's most-visited fitness site, as well as the #1 online retailer of sports-nutrition supplements.


We have a large, well-respected brand. You have an intimate connection with folks who are committed to living the fit life. Together, we can give your clientele the best experience possible. Our affiliate program is a great way for you to use our vast library of content and incredible supplement prices to both make a profit and enhance you clients' training.

Affiliate Steps


The Personal Trainer Affiliate Program is a pilot program we're testing in Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Don't live in one of these states? You can still sign up for our Trainer Outreach Program.

Training Tools has a number of features that can help your business:

  • Exercise Database can remind clients how to do a move when you're not around.
  • Healthy, delicious recipes make it easier for them to stick to your meal plan.
  • Nutrition content complements what you're teaching.
  • B-Elite Fuel keeps clients on track with macro-perfect meals delivered to their door.
  • Supplementation info helps clients learn more about the products you recommend.
  • Personal Trainer of the Month gives you access to other trainers' tips and tricks.

Another huge resource is's BodySpace, the world's largest online fitness community. Ask your clients to take advantage of its free, easy-to-use tools to track workouts, nutrition, and more. You can then access their accounts to monitor progress between sessions. The Exercise Database is embedded into BodySpace, as well. Both you and your clients will benefit from the extra motivation you get from connecting with like-minded fitness fans.

Potent Publicity

Every month, spotlights a particularly inspiring and effective trainer with Personal Trainer of the Month. Make the short list for this prestigious profile piece by becoming an affiliate today.

Financial Fitness

Earning money with the Personal Trainer Affiliate Program is simple: We give you tools to help you drive traffic to and pay you a commission based on your success.

Your tools will include compelling text links, eye-catching banners, and timely articles to use on your site and social media posts. Each of these will have its own unique ID that will allow us to measure exactly how much traffic you are driving to You'll earn money based on the type of customers you bring us (20% commission paid on new customers and 10% paid on returning customers) and their purchase amounts.


If you're a motivated, results-driven personal trainer, apply today! Simply fill out the application below, and we'll let you know whether or not you've been accepted. Remember, this program is currently open only to residents of Florida, Idaho, Nevada, New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Don't live in one of these states? You can still sign up for our Trainer Outreach Program.

We can't wait to start working with you!


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