Fit Gifts: 10 Ideas For The Fitness Junkie On Your List

What do you get the yoga instructor or nutritionist on your holiday gift list? If you're struggling to come up with fitness-friendly ideas, we've got ten ideas to help!

For fitness enthusiasts, partridges in pear trees, turtle doves, and lords a- leaping aren't on the Christmas wish list. (Are they on anyone's, for that matter?) If you're buying a gift for friends or family members who have caught the fitness bug, it's a great opportunity to show your support for their passion. Choose gifts that will help them reach their goals.

These gift ideas are geared for the fit-minded. They'll help you get your shopping started:

1 /
Full-Body Massage

There's no gift like a full-body massage. Everyone who trains knows what it feels like to wake up sore or tight. A present that provides one hour of complete relaxation for those tired muscles is nothing short of perfect. It might be on the expensive side, but the look on your loved one's face will be worth the price.

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Workout Gear

Everyone loves workout gear! Who couldn't use another pair of shorts, pants, a gym bag, or a new athletic top? When it comes to buying workout gear, prioritize function over style. Look for athletic clothes that are high-quality and are made for easy movement. Check out's new B-Elite series for some ideas!

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A DVD Workout Series

More and more people are training at home rather than paying for pricey gym memberships. Because of this trend, home-workout DVDs are on the rise. Whether your recipient is interested in Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, or body-sculpting, you'll be able to find a set that will be a hit.

4 /
Kettlebell Set

Another great option for those who work out at home is a set of kettlebells. Kettlebell training has become a popular approach to strength training. If you know that the person on your list likes using them, grab a set or two of different weights. Not only is it a nice gift, but it's certain to get continual use.

5 /
Tracker Device

Meal-timers, sleep trackers, workout logs, and food logs are great presents for people who are constantly keeping tabs on their diets, exercise, and sleep schedules. They come in electronic form, or you can find them as journals.

6 /
High Quality Blender

For fitness enthusiasts, protein shakes and smoothies are a diet staple. In order to make them though, you need a blender. If your friend or family member has a blender that is old, cracked, or low-quality, buying a new one will be greatly appreciated. Look for a blender that doubles as a food processor for more food-making options.

7 /
Workout Timer

Pacing a training session is critical for some athletes and gym-bodies. Many people rely on stop-watches or their phones for timing; but those aren't always the easiest to hear or see. A workout timer that clips to the waist will vibrate or beep to signal the time. Timers would be helpful for interval training for CrossFit fans, martial artists, cyclists, runners, weightlifters, and MMA fighters.

8 /
Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers can be a good addition to any training program. They're great for targeting the core, but can be used to stimulate the upper and lower body. A suspension trainer usually comes in a kit that includes suspension straps, anchors, and directions. It's great for at-home trainers as well as those searching for a way to liven up a stagnant workout program.

9 /
Protein Bars

This might seem silly, but for those who carry around their food with them, a healthy meal-in-a-bar is a perfect gift. Grab an entire box and wrap it up, or fill a stocking with different kinds. Any way you do it, make sure you check the labels for sugar content. Low sugar is better.

10 /
Fitness Book

Depending on what type of fitness or diet your loved one is into, you'll be able to find a book to better educate them. There are books on eating Paleo, running properly, bodybuilding history, nutrition, and training techniques. The list of interesting books is endless—just do a little snooping to figure out which one is right!

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