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2017 Spring And Summer Gear Guide

2017 Spring And Summer Gear Guide

With the weather heating up and spring in full bloom, it's time for a brand-new gear guide! Whether you're shopping for the bro in your life, the fit chick, the gym newbie—or you're just treating yourself—we've got recommendations that are sure to pique your interest.

2017 Spring And Summer Gear Guide

With the weather heating up and spring in full bloom, it's time for a brand-new gear guide! Whether you're shopping for the bro in your life, the fit chick, the gym newbie—or you're just treating yourself—we've got recommendations that are sure to pique your interest.

From everyday essential stringers and shorts that keep you cool and show off that hard-earned muscle, to easy-to-wear headphones and sunglasses to keep out the glare, this list has everything you'll need to make the most of summer while staying fit.

Grab a cold drink, pull up a chair, and check out these warm-weather essentials.

Best Workout Clothes
for Men

All Day Every Day Long-Sleeve Tee - $30

Looking for a baseball-style tee to keep you looking cool during spring training and beyond? This relaxed-fit 3/4-sleeve top will take you from spring to fall and back again.

Relentless Performance V Neck Tee - $25

Stylish enough to wear during the day and durable enough to withstand the gym, this lightweight tee keeps you cool and dry as you proudly represent

Adidas Climachill Tee - $50

Your workout might be heating up, but that doesn't mean you have to feel the burn. Stay cool with this soft-knit climachill fabric, which conducts heat away from your body.

Driven Performance Stringer Tank - $25

A quick-drying, lightweight tank with ample room to show off your guns makes this stringer a triple threat. Take our advice and grab one—it's bound to be your go-to summer staple.

Endurance Sleeveless Hoodie - $35

Give your biceps room to breathe with this sleeveless hoodie that's big on style, great for keeping your core warm during workouts, and true to the saying "Sun's out, guns out."

Supernova TKO Cool Shorts - $45

Break free of those leg prisons and let the sun shine on your shins with these shorts that wick away moisture and pop with reflective accents.

FITS Ultra-Light Runner No-Show Socks - $16

Looking to keep clammy summer feet dry? Reach for a pair of these ultra-light no-show socks that help manage moisture with their wool/nylon/polyester blend.

Xero Shoes Prio - $90

This slight-of-sole shoe is perfect for those who want as little as possible underfoot. It's roomy enough for the widest feet and is built to last in the tough environment of a box or weight room.

Nike Pro - $28

Looking to stay dry as you train? These six-inch, sweat-wicking shorts feature mesh panels to keep you comfortable during even the hottest of summer sweat sessions.

Best Workout Clothes
for Women

Women's Joggers- $40

These super-soft slim-fit joggers are great for lounging around the house or hitting the gym. The full-coverage design means that squats and yoga bends have met their match.

Women's Agility Pant - $28

The four-way stretch and poly/spandex-blend support movement and make the pants easier to get on and off, while the quick-drying fabric and lack of side seam keeps them comfortable.

Women's Primed Bra - $25

With a double crossback, this sleek, fitted sports bra meets the qualifications for support and style.

Lucy Activewear Studio Hatha Capri Legging - $89

Go from the studio to the street with this three-quarter capri made with breathable fabric that helps reduce chafing and keeps you cool. Let your calves catch some summer sun!

Reebok Studio Favorites Fitted Tank - $23

With a high neckline and sleeveless build, this top won't gap during push-ups, holds strong through planks, and moves with ease during cardio.

Hotty Hot Short - $58

Whether you're headed on an outdoor hike or going for a jog through the urban jungle, a bit of extra room and some added length make these 4'-inch shorts ideal for an active lifestyle.

Hoka One One: Women's Tor Summit WP - $160

Good footwear will set you up to take on the trails. With built-in traction and cushioning, and a waterproof layer, this hiking shoe is key to taking your cardio outdoors.

Sporti Flower Swim Cap - $13

Go retro and make waves with this swim cap. The pops of color make you a stand-out at the pool, and the rubber-and-nylon construction provides a looser, more comfortable fit.

Billabong Women's Skinny Sea Legs Pant - $79

Move over, athleisure. Whether you're looking to surf, paddleboard, or just go for a dip, these pants with 1 millimeter of neoprene and nylon can go straight from the gym to the sea.

Best Fitness Accessories

Hidrate Spark - $55

Not drinking enough water? Don't let dehydration sneak up on you. This smart bottle uses a built-in sensor to tracks you water intake—then glows to remind you to keep sipping.

Roka R1 Best Swim Googles - $35

Razor-sharp optics provide an increased line of vision, clarity, and contrast. The low-pressure seal ensures that no water leaks in to hinder your view or slow down your lap time.

UA Rival - $130

Specially designed lenses sharpen on-field contrast, making these titanium sunnies ideal for summer days on the golf course or baseball field.

VaporActive Lockdown Headband - $15

Keep scorching temperatures at bay with this cooling headband. An adjustable strap keeps hair secure and prevents flyaway, even during all-out competition.

Pro Hand Exerciser - $15

From tennis rackets to weight training, your ability to master control your fitness tools is in the palm of your hand. Build finger strength and control with this hand exerciser.

Vortex Portable Mixer - $15

Now you have no reason to miss a meal. Make on-the-go shakes blender-smooth with this portable mixer. The 11,000 rpm motor will guarantee that protein clumps don't stand a chance.

Dr. Teal's Pre & Post Workout Soaking Solution - $5

Workouts tear muscle fibers down; rest builds them back up. Make the most of your down time and aid recovery by soaking sore muscles in this mix of Epsom salt and menthol.

Elastic Sports Tape - $9

KT Tape adds stability and support without sacrificing your range of motion. It's water-resistant and can be worn for up to 5 days at a time.

The Healthy Deodorant - $14

Working hard doesn't mean you need to smell. Kiss chemicals goodbye while keeping awful odors at bay with this all-natural deodorant made with aloe and water.

Supplements and Snacks

Cake Bites - $22

Cake pops are so last season. Make the most of your macros with this decadent, whipped cake bites that come in flavors like Birthday Cake and pack 20 grams of protein per serving.

Vega One Bar - $38

Indulge and relax with chocolate-dipped goodness, knowing that the Vega One Meal Bar is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Halo Top

Ice cream that's low in calories and sugar, high in protein, and packed with flavor? Sign us up. It comes in 17 flavors, including Black Cherry and Chocolate Almond Crunch.

Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha

Kombucha isn't just a trendy drink: It's a probiotic that aids gut health. Put simply, it's good for your digestion, rich in antioxidants, and may even help boost immunity. Raise a glass to that!

RXBAR Protein Bar Sample Pack - $27

With only four ingredients per bar—think egg whites, dates, cashews, and almonds—these "No B.S." bars skip the sugar in favor of simplicity.

NLA Blueberry Muffin - $39

Nothing says spring like fresh berries. Harness the scent of the season with this sugar-free gluten free blueberry protein that's great for whipping up muffins or drinking on the go.

Fit Crunch Brownie

Food Network star Robert Irvine knows about taste. With 15 grams of protein and only 190 calories, these whey protein brownies are the perfect microwaveable treat.

Love With Food Subscription Box

Keep the munchies at bay with this monthly subscription box filled with all-natural, organic, or gluten-free options. Love With Food donates to a food bank for every box that's sold.

MuscleTech Protein Cookie - $12

Whether you choose Peanut Butter Cup, Triple Chocolate, or Chocolate Chip, you'll be able to satisfy your muscles and taste buds with 18 grams of tasty protein per cookie.

Best Home Exercise

Go Fit Roll On Massager - $15

Massages are great, but when you're between spa sessions, this rolling ball massager can help hit pressure points and relieve tension. out, don't roll with, the pain.

Valslide - $30

Create an unstable training surface to crank up the intensity of any bodyweight exercise. Go harder on lunges, speed up mountain climbers, and increase plank difficulty.

Sling Shot: Full Boar Sling Shot - $60

Take your home gym training to the next level and load more plates on the bar. With angled sleeves to fit larger arms, it helps lifters increase bench and lockout strength.

Hers Kettle Bell Kit - $50

Add another station to your home gym with these colored kettlebells. From swings and one-arm rows to overhead presses and Turkish get-ups, they offer a customizable full-body workout.

Outslayer Boxing Bag - $125

Hop off the treadmill and switch up your at-home cardio routine by going a few rounds with a heavy bag. Train aerobic fitness, coordination, and stability while getting some power behind that 1-2 punch.

Pose Yoga Mat - $45

This eco-friendly mat with a sticky rubber top provides extra grip while you go through your flow. Focus solely on your breathing without worrying about hitting your next pose.

GoFit Ab Wheel - $12

Core stability doesn't have to come at a high cost. An ab roller can help strengthen your core in one simple move—just be sure to keep your abs contracted, torso straight, and back flat.

Captains of Crush Grippers - $23

When you're a bit short on space for farmer's carries, these grippers are a great way to boost your grip strength, which is a great predictor of muscular endurance and overall strength.

GoFit Pro Stability Ball - $27

From overhead squats and hamstring curls to stability-ball push-ups, this inflatable ball is a home-workout staple to help you tone, strengthen, and stretch.

Best Electronic Gadgets

Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player - $120

Jam out while you swim laps! This waterproof MP3 player securely attaches to your goggles so you can listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks when you're doing the breaststroke.

Wearable Braided Wristband Headphones - $42

Never forget your earbuds again! These headphones wrap around your wrist when you're not using them. Bonus: they're stylish and sound amazing.

Headspace Meditation App

To live a fit life, you have to have a clear mind. Whether you're looking for bite-size nuggets or hour-long meditation courses, this app helps you apply mindfulness in your day-to-day life.

iPhone 7

The longer battery life of the iPhone 7 keeps your tunes playing through even the longest workout, while the 12-megapixel camera and optical image stabilization make your gym selfies pop.

Charity Miles App

Looking for a way to get in shape and do good? With Charity Miles, for every mile you run, walk, or bike, money will be donated to the charity of your choice.

FitBit One Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker - $100

A good night's sleep is key to a productive day. Track calories burned and stairs climbed, while also monitoring your sleep, with the Fitbit One.

Go Pro Hero 5 - $400

What's the point of making that jump or careening down that steep pass if you don't catch it on film? The Hero 5 offers voice command and can withstand 33 feet of water.

Trace - $200

Add some accuracy to your watersports training with Trace—a small senor you attach to your body to get wave count, top speeds, calories burned, and even interactive GPS maps.

Gymwatch Sensor - $150

Without proper form, your lifts could be a waste. Get instant audio feedback on your moves—from posture and grip to pace—with this electronic buddy.