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Best Home Exercise Equipment - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

Holidays are the perfect excuse to begin building the home gym of your dreams. Get started with these home exercise equipment ideas.

Sometimes driving to the gym can be a drag. With these highly recommended pieces of home exercise equipment, you can still get a mean pump without changing into your gym clothes or even leaving the house. Whether your goal is to sculpt a lean and mean body, build solid muscle, or just work up a sweat, these holiday must-haves will make great additions to any home gym.

Dual exercise ab wheel Body-Solid EXM4000S Selectorized Home Gym Cap Barbell Medicine Ball Chin-Up & Pull-Up Bar ProSource Stackable Resistance Bands GoFit foam roller PowerBlock Bench/Stand Mat Cap Barbell Kettlebell GoFit Wood Plyobox Harbinger Weighted Vest PowerBlock Classic 45 Set SPRI Super Bands GoFit Sand Bag Set Body-Solid EXM4000S Selectorized Home Gym PowerBlock Classic 45 Set

A smart addition to your home gym, or even to travel with. The ab wheel strengthens your core like no crunch or sit-up can.

The end-all, be-all piece of home gym equipment for the complete commercial gym package without the obnoxious bros.

Medicine balls are a classic tool to develop strength, coordination, and endurance. Use it alone or with a partner to build a solid core and stamina.

Simple and effective way to work out relative body strength without taking up additional space in your home. Just pop it between a doorframe and start getting stronger!

These highly durable and portable bands provide a convenient way to shape and strengthen your body from head to toe.

Foam rolling is like a party for your muscles, breaking up scar tissue and tension to keep muscles happy and strong for many gym sessions ahead.

A seriously affordable bench and accompanying stand mat to build (or add to) a serious home gym.

Excellent for all-around fitness. If your goal is to work on power and force generation, kettlebells are your ticket to greatness.

Add plyometric exercises to your home workout routine with this wooden platform. Work on explosive box jumps or develop some mean glutes and hamstrings with high step-ups. The possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, it's not bulletproof, but at least you can pretend it is and use it to build monstrous strength.

Looking for one piece of home gym equipment to buy this holiday season? You've found it. Adjustable for up to 45 pounds per hand.

Bands are totally underrated, and so versatile for bodyweight exercises, or even to hook to barbell exercises. Try adding SPRI Superbands to your regimen for a new challenge!

When it comes to building functional strength and muscular endurance, this sandbag set will give you every workout bang for your buck. Develop throwing, passing, and catching skills—get creative!

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