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Best Fitness Accessories For Men - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

Check out this great variety of fitness knickknacks and gift ideas for the swole man in your life.

Best Fitness Accessories For Men - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

The body is like Batman—just stay with us—and the things that help the body be better at what it does are like Robin. Between Batman and Robin, there's nothing you won't be able to handle in or out of the gym! These are the best fitness accessories that will make your fit life even easier.

Hydra Cup Dual Shaker Cup 6 Pack Fitness Pursuit Backpack 6 Pack Bag KT Tape Pro Synthetic Tape TomTom Multisport Watch GASP Training Belt BlenderBottle ProStak Expansion Pak Fill-N-Go Funnel Super Body Care Gym Bag Deodorizers Polar Loop GASP Branch Warren Wrist Wraps

At first, you're probably like, "Why?" But once you've had a taste of separating your water and aminos (or pretty much anything, for that matter) in the same bottle, you'll wonder how you ever managed without the Dual Shaker in the first place.

Whether you're heading to a competition or are just out and about on a weekend, carry your meals and snacks around with you in a stylish backpack. The small bag holds up to 3 meals.

Designed to mimic the human skin, KT tape provides extra healing support for recovering athletes and relieves pain. Read more about KT tape in the article here.

Runners, swimmers, and cyclists, meet your ultimate training partner: Engage with your every stride, stroke, or pedal and track your training.

Perfect for someone who wants to lift some serious weight but also appreciates superior stability and durability.

Durable, BPA- and phthalate-free jars that provide additional storage for protein powder, pills, and any of your on-the-go nutritional needs. This is compatible with any ProStak shaker cup.

This handy container will help ensure that you never bear the embarrassment or pain of spilling any of your precious protein powder ever again.

Freshen up the funk in your gym bag with a variety of scents that will certainly beat the stank out of sordid gym socks.

Take the stairs, walk across the parking lot, go on a hike—the Polar Loop will keep track of the choices you make throughout the day and remind you to get moving again if you've been still for awhile.

These wrist wraps provide additional wrist support anytime you need it. A one-size-fits-all wrap with velcro support to easily adjust to your wrist size.

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