Neil Hill is a bodybuilding visionary who wasn't afraid to go against the grain, when his body was trying to tell him something. Injuries from heavy lifting forced Neil to adapt his training style so he could work through the pain yet still progress. He discovered that by decreasing the weight and increasing his rep range that he was actually experiencing better loads and stresses directly to the muscle rather than straining his joints and connective tissue.

In a 3-week phase layout, Neil has devised a 3-dimensional program that will make your muscles pop from the big screen like a 3-D action flick. Be warned, this program has been known to make even the manliest of bodybuilders squeal in agony. Are you ready to take your body to the next level with Neil Hill and Y3T? In the end, the only regret you'll have is if you don't do it!

Gettin' Huge With Y3T

Yoda 3 Training (Y3T), is split over a 9-week period and divided into three 3-week phases. The first week concentrates on heavy compound movements with a low-rep range. In the second week you'll use a combination of compound and isolation movements with a slightly higher rep range. In the third and final week, the approach is complete muscle failure with lighter weight and a high rep range.

Neil Hill's Y3T system is now sweeping the U.S. as the newest revolution in training principles.

At the end of week three you go back to week 1, 2, 3 and then repeat again. You'll repeat this for three phases or a total of nine weeks. After nine weeks, you'll take 5-7 days off from training for recovery. At that point, you can start the Y3T process over again.

Y3T is a unique 3-dimensional program formulated for packing on lean dense muscle, because it hits every aspect of the muscle within a short period of time. This program hits both your fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers and also focuses on stretching the fascia, connective tissue fibers that wrap around the muscles. The fascia can restrict the growth of your muscles by limiting the amount of room that's available for new muscle growth. Stretching your fascia with Y3T can help increase your muscles growth potential.

Y3T also significantly decreases the risk of injury by easing the strain to the joints by putting the onus directly on the muscle fibers where it should be. You are still getting the benefit of heavy lifting, but it's reduced to once every three weeks rather than every week which limits wear and tear on the body.

Day 1: Quads and Hamstrings
Warm up
Leg Extensions
2 sets, 1 reps
+ 9 more exercises


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