Best Budget Gifts - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

We've got the perfect fitness gift ideas for men and women that won't bust your holiday budget.

Check out our perfect collection of gift ideas under $15, for times when you just don't feel like breaking the bank but still want to say, "I appreciate you and haven't removed you from my Christmas list." Gift Card Clothing Core Series Core Simple Classic Tee fitlosophy Fit Tools Kit GoFit Lightning Jump Rope Accessories New Wave Enviro Water Bottle Fill-N-Go FunnelSkullCandy Chops Bud Accessories 12 Week Workout Log Accessories Deep Pocket Pill Organizer VitaMinder Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Chill Containers Fill-N-Go Funnel Gift Card Clothing Core Series Core Simple Classic Tee

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like a gift card for thousands of items that promote and support a healthy lifestyle.

Rep a clean look in the gym, at the grocery store, or even on your couch.

The perfect duo for more accurately measuring your progress to get your goals on the right track.

Probably the best singular at-home, anywhere-anytime piece of equipment you can get for this steal of a price!

We know you're thirsty! Our hefty, BPA-free water bottle is perfect for the office, gym, and even day-long hikes.

Beats the snot out of transporting protein powder in Ziplock bags; those can get messy and you can't quite get the serving you want. Easy-to-use and extremely portable.

Buds to fit your iron-pushing ears, because everybody knows that your chances of surviving a zombie outbreak without a badass soundtrack are bleak at best.

Did you know that successfully fit people tend to track and record their workouts? It's one of the important steps to long-term success, so get one today!

Organize all your multis and supplements in one convenient pill box. Perfect for home or even on the go!

Store your leftovers or perfectly portioned meals at the right temperature thanks to included reusable ice packs and secure, snap-on lids.

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