Athlete Recommendations - 2014 Holiday Fit Gift Guide

Our athletes share their favorite items, so that you or someone in your life can appreciate them, too!

The athletes of live and breathe a healthy life. Naturally, they can be an expert source for fit gift recommendations. Here's what some of them have to suggest for the fitness fans in your life.

Deep Pocket Pill Organizer Gym Boss Interval Trainer Nikki Walter - Walden Farms dressings, syrups, and Ketchup Eco Sweatshirt Fitmark The Box B-Elite Core Simple Stackable Resistance Bands B-Elite Turbo-Charged Hoodie JayBird Earphones Travel RumbleRoller

I like to use these to keep all my vitamins and supplements in one place. Plus, they're great for anyone—no matter their gender, goals, etc. Anyone can put these to good use and make their lives easier while becoming more fit!

The Gym Boss timer is amazing for interval training. It keeps my rest and actual work time on point without having to watch the clock!

For being calorie-free, Walden Farms' products are so yummy, especially the pancake syrup! I love putting them on my waffles, pancakes, and everything.

I love this sweatshirt beyond words, and think it's a great gift for yourself. I suppose it's good for someone else if you can part with it, too! It's unbelievably soft and comfortable, like your perfect snuggle partner in chilly weather. Looks good, easy to wear on the go, and did I already mention it's super soft?!

Nutrition is at the foundation of my results. For this reason, I make sure I pack what I need with me anywhere I go, and the Fitmark BOX does a great job.

I love the cotton material on these bad boys because it makes them super comfortable to wear!

I like these bands a lot because I travel often and it's great to have them on hand. It makes exercising practical and easy, pretty much anywhere you go. It is really nice when you don't have a gym accessible. I even use them with my weight training. For example, you can add resistance bands to basic barbell movements for added resistance. Give them a shot!

It looks striking, it’s warm, and it’s just great for anytime, anywhere.

This is a must-have for my fit life! These earbuds offer great sound quality, are durable, and the best part is, there are no wires!

I was once a physiotherapist, so I understand the importance of adhering to a daily injury-prevention program. I always wrap up my morning exercise sessions with 10 minutes of stretching and foam rolling. My foam roller of choice is the Compact Black Extra Firm RumbleRoller because it's travel-size and it has "teeth" that help erode my trigger points.

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