16-Week Muscle-Building Trainer

Get Swole uses the system refined by bodybuilder, powerlifter, and cover model Cory Gregory over years of training and coaching. This four-phase, 16-week muscle-building exercise program makes the time you spend in the gym go further toward building your leanest, most muscular self, regardless of your body type.

16 Week(s)
Fitness Level
Build muscle
Workouts Per Week
5 workouts
Equipment Needed
Full Gym

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The Right Kind of Bulk

Build Muscle, Not Fat

5 workouts per week / 60-90 min. workouts

You'll commit to five days a week of high-volume, heavy-weight workouts. Each of the four phases has a different focus: foundation, pyramid, pump, and detail, plus a bonus "growth boost" phase. Get Swole works just as well for hardgainers who struggle to put on muscle as it does for experienced lifters who want to continue building lean mass without unwanted fat.

More than a workout plan. With this plan you also receive:

Expert Instruction

Stop guessing. Start growing.

Don't just hope you're doing the right exercises—know exactly what you're doing in the gym every day! Get Swole includes a series of in-depth phase videos that cover everything you need to know about training for muscle growth, plus demonstrations of each exercise. Through these videos and day-by-day workout explanations, you'll learn how to apply the same techniques Cory uses to build muscle.

Precision Nutrition Plan

Quality food. Quality gains.

The Get Swole nutrition program is a research-backed clean bulk co-created by Gregory and physician Dr. Michael Kim. When lifters do a "dirty bulk," they put on more body fat than they realize because they often excessively overeat on the wrong foods. Get Swole's nutritional approach focuses on quality food so you can add quality lean mass!

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You’ll be able to track your workouts, nail your nutrition plan, stock up on supps, and get fit on the go.

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