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Fast Absorbing For Muscle Recovery And Refueling*
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Product Overview


Vitargo® is a unique carbohydrate because it is specially processed to yield a high molecular weight profile that is massively different from the carbohydrates that make up sugars (e.g. glucose, fructose, sucrose) and maltodextrin found in ordinary sport, energy, and recovery drinks.

The highly regarded raw starch of Vitargo comes mainly from specially selected and strict non-GMO contract farming in the south-east of Sweden. The farmer-owned cooperative plant in south-east Sweden where Vitargo is produced is completely computerized and controlled to ensure the highest quality grade available. The Vitargo powder is processed in a “closed system”, in a factory which only produces starch, so there is no risk of contamination. 


Vitargo is proven to work in athletes—in peer-reviewed published university studies.* Part of the secret of Vitargo's technology is its molecular size. Scientists use molecular weight (how heavy the molecule is) to determine the size of molecules. As shown in the table, Vitargo is hundreds and thousands of times larger than maltodextrin and sucrose (dextrose).

  • High Molecular Weight Vitargo 500,000 to 700,000
  • Maltodextrin 1,000 to 10,000
  • Starch syrup 250 to 1,000 Sucrose (Dextrose) 180

Vitargo's larger size minimizes its osmolality, which refers to how much water it attracts around itself, or pulls into your intestines. Vitargo's low osmolality allows it to move through the stomach faster than other carbohydrates, which tend to act more like a sponge in the stomach. This helps you feel emptier compared to any other carbohydrate drink. Spending less time in the stomach allows Vitargo to be delivered faster to the intestinal tract where it is rapidly digested and absorbed. This provides a near immediate energy boost to blood and muscle, superior to other ordinary carbohydrates.* After training or competition, Vitargo recovers glycogen stores faster, allowing for an increase in performance.*


Vitargo starts emptying from your stomach in just 10 minutes: more than 2 times faster than the other known fast carb, maltodextrin. Within 10 minutes Vitargo is on its way to deliver high-octane carbs to your muscle and brain cells to fuel your training. Vitargo is a complex starch that is so rapidly emptied from the stomach and fully digestible that there is no sense of stomach fullness. That means that you can fuel and refuel on the fly during your exercise bouts with virtually all the energy that you need to beat the challenge!


Vitargo blows the doors off of carbohydrate fuel replenishment, getting glucose to muscle cells faster. Your brain receives the signal that you've got fuel on board—full speed ahead to burn energy! Now these carbs know exactly where to go—they become fuel for your muscles to train hard, and calorie burn and after burn are maximized! Training effect and sculpting are optimized!*


Vitargo led to nearly 2 times higher and faster muscle fuel recovery just 2 hours after exhaustive exercise. Train, and train again the same day. After exercise you can combine Vitargo with your favorite protein for measurable recovery—measurable performance enhancement!*


Vitargo is among a rare breed of supplements with independent university-based scientific research backing up every single claim! Conducted by world-class scientists, multiple published studies establish the physiologic pathway that Vitargo, the key starch ingredient in Vitargo, takes in the body to be the Fastest Body Fuel™: from stomach to intestine to bloodstream to muscle cells, and ultimately to the support of enhanced performance and recovery.*


Vitargo can be stacked with your favorite non-carb supplements (protein, pre-workout, amino acids, electrolytes, creatine, etc.). A clinical study showed that stacking Vitargo with L-carnitine led to measurable benefits for athletes. L-carnitine alone did nothing. Vitargo improves the absorption and storage of creatine. Stacking protein with Vitargo is an optimal recovery strategy.*


Vitargo is a patented, pure, unique, naturally occurring non-GMO barley starch isolate that is kosher, gluten-free, and free of added sugar.


Every batch of Vitargo is independently lab tested and certified to be pure and free of banned substances after cGMP manufacturing by Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG). Every batch of Vitargo is ELISA lab tested and certified gluten-free after cGMP manufacturing.09

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123 Ratings
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Apr 29, 2021
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Orange

Those is a great carb product to use before training without a “heavy stomach”. A must have in your stack. I mix in a scoop of pre workout to add an energy boost.

May 11, 2019
Verified Buyer
  • 9 Fruit Punch
  • 9 Mango

Great product and tastes really good. I would purchase again

May 03, 2019
Verified Buyer
  • 9 Plain

This has been great for recovery and gains. I bought the plain to mix with protein shakes. The only downside and reason it's not getting a 10 is because of price, and it doesn't mix well if you mix your protein first. If you're going to put this in a shake, mix this first all the way and then add protein powder. Otherwise this will clump up really bad.

Mar 26, 2019
Verified Buyer
  • 9 Fruit Punch

Power! That's what I needed. Anything used during the Strongman Competitions, I will full endorse. A very good trainer of mine recommended this product to gain and add mass during intense, grueling workouts. Of course, I was not using this for light workout days, instead using BCAAs, but found that Vitargo was the go-to for giving me an extra pump when lifting HEAVYYYYYYY. Yes, the mix-ability is not the best, somewhat gummy if you don't really give it a good, vigorous shake, continuously, but the taste is great and really does help push yourself to the max with each workout. Plus, I need the carb factor with this because I was on a high carb macro plan and this helped without all the added sugars and fat.

Feb 14, 2019
Verified Buyer
  • 10 Orange

This is Great Stuff! Really! Biggest complaint I’m reading about is “MIXABILITY! Well, let’s address that with a “Common knowledge “ answer. Sorry, I refuse to call it common sense, because apparently, “THATS NOT TOO COMMON!” DON’T any of you guys-n-gals own a Ninja, or ant other type of BLENDER? Geezus guys, this is such a simple cure to that mixing issue, and it taste GREAT after being mixed with a Ninja Blender! Even after sitting & chilling in the refrigerator for a few days, you don’t even need to shake it to remix, because it stays mixed; just drink up! Personally, I pour the contents of 3 Dasani 16.9 ounce water bottles into my 72 ounce / (9 cup) / (2.1L) Ninja Blender, then add 5 scoops of Vitargo S2 ... close lid, plug blender to power, pulse once to start circulation, then power up on low, then med, then hi... only if you’re feeling it! Blend for about a minute... ITS A DONE DEAL! I’m not a chemist, nor a rocket scientist! I’m just ME! Pour the mixed contents back into the empty Dasani water bottles!. Take ‘em to the gym, to work, whenever & where ever. Mix ‘em ahead, just like you’re preparing your weekly meals. ITS SO EASY,EVEN A _______ ________ can nail this!

Oct 06, 2018

Terrible! This does not mix worth a S@#t no matter how you do it. Shake 15-20 seconds more like 15-20min and still clumpy. The taste is not good. Do not know how they say it tastes like orange, more like medicine. There are better options that work just as good, will mix, taste good and cheaper. Will never purchase this ever again. You have been warned.

Nov 06, 2017

Vitargo is the best post workout supplement I have used, I combine two scoops with one scoop of protein post workout and it helps recovery greatly. It makes me feel a bit sluggish for about 30 minutes to an hour after since it is like eating a 100g meal in one shake, but the recovery it provides is second to none. I have never tried the flavored versions, I just mix the unflavored with the protein and it makes the shake very thick and starchy flavored. I used to not like the flavor, but now I don't mind it. Vitargo is one of the few supplements I still believe is worth the money.

Jun 12, 2017

Started this supplement two weeks ago, with great results. Will have a better feel for it in a month.

Nov 07, 2016
Verified Buyer

Well what can i say... it's vitargo s2... its a solid product and does what it's supposed to do but to be straight the taste is very "chemical" tasting. don't look forward to this post workout but i do it because at which the speed of the carb enters and leaves the stomach. On a side note this stuff really really causes the body to release insulin... i've used this stuff for contest prep and litterally went hypoglycemic with it!! I think it gets in and out so quickly that your body releases a large bolus of insulin to conteract the 70g of carbs and then it's gone.. therefore causing you to go hypo.. but mind you i was deep into contest prep and running low carbs except for post workout... so maybe my insulin sensativity was just too high... but figured i'd let you know my experience just in case you experience the same thing... get some orange juice or glucose tabs if you feel like your going hypo.

Apr 17, 2016
Verified Buyer

I've only had the orange but it taste good. Many Pre Intra and PWO supps are nasty, I've had every flavor of regular vitargo and all are good, I prefer grape the best. This does taste a bit different than your standard vitargo due to the hydrolyzed whey but it's still good. I always seem to recover faster, with shorter periods of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) when I use this religiously post workout. 1 serving is quite a bit 2 & 1/3 scoops per my label at 390 calories. I don't always have this much, I might only take 1 or 1.5 scoops if I expect to eat whole food in the next 90 minutes. 1 scoop is sufficient for it's anti-catabolic effects post workout.

Apr 11, 2016
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Jan 17, 2016

What's remarkable about this stuff is how it stops soreness. I dreaded leg days because of next day soreness, but this stuff very close to stops it. Plus feel some added bulk that I think is due to it's stopping of muscle tear down. Ordered unflavored and it tastes a little like candle wax, add quarter cup of Welch's grape / black cherry juice to it and it tastes great. Pricey stuff though.

Oct 10, 2015
No written review.
Aug 31, 2015
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Aug 20, 2015
Verified Buyer

This is a good product, the only reason why I am giving a 6 it's because of the poor mixability, when you pay a high price for a product like this you expect at least a good mixability, if you are planning to use a blender each time, it's ok ... but if you like me and you like to take your shake right after the gym, you have to shake it very hard, and still there it does not mix very well ... for flavour I tried the unflavored which is the best one if you like to mix with your protein, I also tried orange, I was not able to finish it, I just put it in the garbage after half, not very good at all, stick with tropical fruit or the unflavoured

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Fast Absorbing For Muscle Recovery And Refueling*

What's in Vitargo Vitargo

Serving Size: 1 scoop (37 g)***
Servings Per Container: 50
Amount Per Serving % DV **
Calories 140       
Total Carbohydrate 35 g 12%
Vitargo® (fractionated barley amylopectin) 35 g 12%
** Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Other Ingredients:
GLUTEN-FREE (via ELISA testing each batch)
*** Does not include moisture.

Directions For Vitargo:

How to Mix: In a shaker bottle with a whisk ball.

Start with 10 oz. of water. Add scoop(s) of Vitargo. Shake vigorously. Add more water for desired consistency. Ready, set, gulp!

WHEN to Take: 

Before, between, or during exercise/completion: You can mix in your favorite non-carb supplements (protein, pre-workouts, amino acids, electrolytes). 

After-training/completion: Take 1 to 2 scoops as soon as possible after finishing. Vitargo can be combined with your favorite post-workout, zero/low carb supplements (like protein powder). For optimal recovery follow supplementation with a nutrient-rich meal. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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