Hyperbolic Mass

Hyperbolic Mass

Advanced Amino Acid Delivery Formula
Designed to Offer An All In One Muscle Catalyst
9.3 out of 10 (6 Reviews)
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6 Ratings
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Good product for fast mass building if you have a problem with a fast metabolism this is the go to solution

  • 10 Strawberry

Hyperbolic Mass + Compound Exercises = Amazing Results

  • 10 Strawberry

This is my favourite protein powder , the chocolate and strawberry are really nice tasting and although I struggle putting any weight on this product helped. definitely buy again.


i used 200g only after workout, no pre-workout, no casein and gained 9kg of mass in one month. I tried lot off stuff after that but no that good results.. i will try again but full 300g serving, 2 times a day.. tastes good and shakes easy, its not heavy and dont make me full for all day.

  • 10 Dutch Chocolate

this is a nice product. From 53kg to 56kg I gained 3kg in a month!!with only 1 scoop everyday!!i used milk instead of water most of the time.

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