Animal Shaker Cup
Universal Nutrition

Animal Shaker Cup, 30 Oz. Black

Patent-pending Design!
Durable Construction, Drip-Proof Cap And Novel Turbine-Style Strainer!
8.2 out of 10 (69 Reviews)
Price: $7.99( / Serving)

Product Overview

This bad boy comes in translucent black and features the traditional Animal logo in white on one side, and the classic Animal Iconic art on the other. With a patent-pending design featuring durable construction, a unique hinged flip that won't break off, drip-proof cap and novel turbine-style strainer, the new Animal Shaker Cup works just as good as it looks. In your gym bag, cooler or on the run in your car… Pre-workout, after training or in the middle of the night, this mean-looking Animal Shaker makes sure there’s never an excuse to miss a shake. BPA-free too (not that any of you care).

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69 Ratings
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Verified Buyer

Looks awesome. But don't you dare drop this fragile cup. I've bought two and they both broke. Dropped one on concrete (cracked it but it's expected) Bought another one to give it a fair chance, dropped it in carpeted floor, broke in half almost. More fragile than an iPhone.


It feels kinda cheap. It doesn't have a good snap when you push the lid down. I always have make sure it's shut so I don't shake everything all over my kitchen! A little tough to clean too. Love the graphics though.

Verified Buyer

The cup is okay... Would be better if the inside were completely round.. It's kind of hard to clean because of the shape (a couple vertical grooves) in the cup. I do however like the turbine part of the cup better than the mixing ball in some of the other cups.. It seems to mix better. Overall, mixes great, just harder to clean.

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No written review.
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There is a leake in my shaker cup. I have seen some people complain about the same thing! This sucks!

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Price: $7.99 ( / Serving)
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