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Pre-Workout Powder For Improved Workouts*
Designed To Maximize Pumps, Increase Power And Improve Time-To-Fatigue*
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Grit /grit/ n self-discipline, combined with a passionate commitment to a task and a burning desire to see it through.

  • •Determination beyond measure.
  • •Training when no one else does.
  • •Rising when others sleep.
  • •Looking for ways around excuses instead of looking for them.
  • •Getting up when gravity knocks you down.
  • •Keep going when everyone else quits
  • •Doing it over again, and again, and again.

Show us your True Gritness and we’ll show you ours. Join the movement.


True Grit™ is raw, unadulterated power born from advanced supplement research. True Grit™ was created using some of the most impressive scientific studies ever completed in the world of sports nutrition – clinical studies performed at leading universities and sports performance labs around the globe. These studies represent a database of the most effective physique-altering and performance-enhancing ingredients currently available, and now, we bring them to you, as the most science-based, research-backed, fully disclosed and results-oriented supplements available. Supplements that let your true grit show through from the gym…to the streets.


True Grit™ Pre is the most powerful pre-workout formula on the market today. This scientifically designed formula is scientifically dosed with an exclusive combination of potent key ingredients in clinically studied amounts for maximum effectiveness. True Grit™ Pre delivers everything you need to train at the intensity of a world-class athlete, smash through training plateaus, and build the physique you’ve always wanted.


True Grit™ supplements have absolutely nothing to hide. That’s why there are no proprietary blends in any True Grit™ product. Proprietary blends are used by some brands to hide that they are using underdosed levels of premium ingredients. That’s not what True Grit™ is about. True Grit™ supplements contain premium, fully dosed key ingredients, so you’ll know exactly what is in the supplement you're putting in your body. You won’t find ineffectual doses of any ingredients in our products because we know that you don’t want to pay for a product that isn’t going to work. That’s what other brands expect you to do if they’re using miniscule amounts of ingredients just to claim it’s on the label. With True Grit™ you can trust that you’re getting only the best supplements formulated using the best scientific research.



One secret to adding slabs of new muscle to your physique isn’t some long-lost training routine or special food. It’s the muscle pump. Maximize the pump, and you’ll grow! By increasing the muscle pump, you deliver more oxygen to the working muscles for improved performance. Simply put, if you deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the exercising muscle and get rid of waste products, your training will be more effective and you will recover from the set more quickly. And all of this blood works to remove the lactic acid and the carbon dioxide and any other by-products of the muscular contraction, and to exchange these waste products for the energy and nutrients the muscle needs to continue the muscular contraction process. The result? You will maximize the pump and bolster the musclebuilding process.

Each serving of True Grit™ Pre contains a full, researched dose of the new novel pump igniter Nitrosigine®. Nitrosigine® is a new patented complex of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate that’s clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels (measured as salivary nitrates). What’s even more impressive, in a human clinical trial, subjects had a significant increase in mean plasma arginine levels in just one hour after their first dose. With Nitrosigine®, True Grit™ Pre delivers the increased blood flow and insane muscle pumps you want to help maximize every rep of every set of every workout.

Increases Power, Boosts V02 MAX & Improves Time-To-Fatigue

Another groundbreaking key ingredient in True Grit™ Pre is the exciting new Terminalia Bark Extract. This powerful new compound is extracted from the bark of the Arjuna tree from India and has been shown in a clinical study to significantly increase the V02 max measured through gas exchange kinetics. These subjects also increased their average absolute power output.

Improves Muscle Performance – Get Bigger and Stronger

The True Grit™ Pre experience goes beyond simply providing you with incredible pumps and jacked-up in-gym performance. It also contains tried and tested ingredients that will help you pack on real muscle size and strength, including a scientific 3.2g dose of beta-alanine to boost muscle carnosine levels, and a full 3g dose of creatine HCI to amplify gains in size and strength. In addition True Grit™ Pre has a full clinical dose of betaine, which helps enhance muscular endurance and promotes lean muscle gains.

Formula Breakdown


The True Grit™ Pre experience goes beyond simply providing you with incredible pumps and jacked-up in-gym performance. It also contains tried and tested ingredients that will help you pack on real muscle size and strength, including a scientific 3.2g dose of beta-alanine to boost muscle carnosine levels, and a full 3g dose of creatine HCI to amplify gains in size and strength. In addition True Grit™ Pre has a full clinical dose of betaine, which helps enhance muscular endurance and promotes lean muscle gains.


True Grit™ Pre delivers Terminalia arjuna, shown to increase VO2 max absolute power output. In an 8-week groundbreaking study published in the International Journal of Ayurveda Research human subjects using this precise dose of Terminalia arjuna increased their VO2 max by 4.9%! In this study, VO2 max was measured through gas exchange kinetics. Subjects also significantly increased average absolute power via interval jumps by 3.6%.


The 3.2g dose of CarnoSyn™ beta-alanine in True Grit™ Pre has been shown to enhance the muscle- and strength-building process. In the body, beta-alanine combines with histidine in muscle cells to form carnosine. Carnosine buffers the pH within your muscle cells during exercise, optimizing enzyme function and muscle contraction.


Betaine is a powerful recovery agent that is quickly becoming a must-have supplement for any athlete looking to boost recovery and manage key anabolic and catabolic hormones after a workout.

In a study on healthy trained men, 2.5g of betaine taken daily for two weeks before a training session resulted in a significantly higher average post-workout blood concentration of IGF-1, all while significantly attenuating the training-induced cortisol response.



Caffeine and theanine are two ingredients that when combined produce amazing sensory results! In one study researchers investigated the effects of caffeine and found that it was able to improve focus.


Creatine has been extensively studied, and is well documented for its ability to increase lean muscle and improve strength and endurance. Creatine HCl is a unique form of concentrated creatine that mixes easily, requires no loading, and does not cause stomach bloat.

Each serving of True Grit™ Pre is loaded with a clinically studied dose of 3g of creatine HCl that was shown in research to deliver an increase in muscle total creatine concentration. Sports nutrition researchers agree that 3g of creatine is the minimum amount per day a supplement needs to deliver to cause muscle creatine saturation.

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Fruit Punch
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Verified Buyer

So.. tru grit works ok got the job done. My only complaint would be the price. 30 servings in the container, serving size is 1 scoop for best results use 2 scoops and the pre work-outs 35 bucks? Do the math.. last time buying this product


I got the watermelon flavor thinking it was going to be sweet like gummie worms or so but it tasted like just plan Jane ol watermelons on sweet to it what so ever, but the pump it give is amazing I go crazy in the gym after I take it I'll never go back to Wal-Mart brand pre workouts ever again

Verified Buyer

True Grit Pre certainly works for me. I am 61 years old and work out 3-4 times per week. I work out to stay fit and keep muscle from deteriorating due to age. True Grit Pre does improve my stamina in the gym without the "jitters." I feel a tingle sensation on my skin but actually feels good! I have to admit that the "pump" is an added benefit and even helps my confidence during and after workouts! The taste of the Watermelon and Green Apple are excellent with no lingering after-taste. Mixes well with no gritty taste. Excellent product. I have reordered twice and will continue to use True Grit Pre!


I've bought four tubs of True Grit's Pre; 2 in Watermelon, 1 Green Apple, and 1 Blue Raspberry. This pre contains a lot of good ingredients, but in 1 scoop they're maybe a little too lightly dosed. If it works for you at one scoop fantastic but I'd assume most people are going to double scoop it, but it definitely gets the job done. At 2 scoops it's very efficacious but I'd say significantly geared more towards performance than pump, or at least I'm not seeing it. I typically add in some Citrulline when I take this. For me taste wise they're all somewhat average, not super flavorful or distinct. Overall, I like the preworkout but for me it has to be double scooped and that makes it a little pricey. If it's on a good sale or a B1G1, then it's definitely a fantastic buy and a great PWO.

Verified Buyer

It's got good flavor but you don't notice any additional energy or Pump after drinking it.

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30 Servings
30 Servings
$1.17 Per Serving

What's in True GRIT Pre

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (8g)
Servings Per Container: Approx. 30
Amount Per 1 Scoop % DV
Calories 25       
Total Carbohydrate 1 g <1%*
Calcium 21 mg 2%
Sodium 5 mg <1%
Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®) 1.6 g
Creatine HCl 1.5 g
Betaine 1.25 g
Taurine 1 g
Arginine Silicate Inositol (Nitrosigine®) 750 mg
Arjuna Extract (as Terminalia arjuna), bark 250 mg
Standardized for tannins       
Caffeine Anhydrous 175 mg
L-Theanine 65 mg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients:
Natural And Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid, Red Beet Powder (Color), Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Dl Malic Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Elderberry Powder (Color).
Processed in a facility that processes milk, egg, wheat, peanut, tree nut, soy, shellfish and fish ingredients.

Directions For Pre: Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 6 oz. of cold water and drink 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. For best results, mix 2 servings (2 scoops) with 12 oz. of water and drink 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. Do not exceed 2 scoops in a 24-hour period. Drink 10 glasses of water daily for general good health. Read entire label before use and follow directions provided.

Warnings: For adult use only. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you have had a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Inhalation may amplify the inflammatory airway response in people with asthma. Consult a medical doctor before starting a diet or exercise program, or if you are taking any medication(s). One serving of this product contains up to as much caffeine as 2 cups of coffee. Caffeine sensitive individuals may experience the following symptoms, including (but not limited to) restlessness, nervousness, tremors, headache, anxiety, palpitations, increased heart rate, or difficulty sleeping. Do not combine with other sources of caffeine. Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation from the concentrated performance dose of beta-alanine. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Learn more about Beta-Alanine.