The Classic Massage Stick
Tiger Tail

The Classic Massage Stick , 22" Orange

Portable massage stick that features a firm design
Great for relieving soreness, coushioned cover that spins smoothly & glides over sore muscles
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Product Overview

The classic is a portable, hand-held foam roller and body massager. It features a firm design that won’t bend or break, making it ideal for myofascial release. This is the ideal tool for anyone and everyone looking for relief from sore muscles, from the neighbor to the professional athlete. This easy-to-use massage tool quickly massages any part of the body without requiring the user to get down on the ground. The cushioned cover of the center portion of the massage surface spins smoothly as the Roadster easily rolls and glides over muscles, saving fingers and hands from fatigue. This is a fantastic tool that allows you to relieve minor muscle knots, aches, cramping, spasms, stiffness and soreness in your calves, legs, IT bands, back, arms, glutes and pretty much everywhere else you can reach. The Roadster is safe for all as it’s made from closed-cell, non-porous, zero rubber, Latex-free, non-deteriorating, non-absorbing foam. That quality allows you to say goodbye to lesser massagers that feature hard cold plastics, spindles and beads that pinch skin, pull out hair and snag clothing. It’s conveniently sized to take on the go fitting in sports bags, travel bags, cars…even in office drawers.

A recommended Trigger Point Release Tool (TRP Release Tool) by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Athletic Trainers. Exclusive Gription ensures secure grip and friction to help massage deep and bust out knots fast in fascia and muscles. The patented non-slip grip ensures secure, controlled muscle manipulation. Weighing in at less than 1 lb., it’s easy to pick up and go with the Roadster. Easy to clean: Simply use anti-bacterial gel or gently wash with soap and water.

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The Classic Massage Stick
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Price: $37.50  ( / Serving)
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Great for relieving soreness, coushioned cover that spins smoothly & glides over sore muscles