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Evolve Your Protein Game

Evlution Nutrition’s newest creation covers all of your protein needs in one awesome-tasting shake. Drench your muscles with a combo of fast-, medium- and slow-release proteins for maximum growth and workout recovery. Made specifically to hold up to your intense training regimen, STACKED PROTEIN comes loaded with BCAAs and Glutamine for extra reinforcements. This multi-stage blend is so versatile, you can whip some up after a workout, with a meal, between meals, or before bed.

This Protein Is Stacked

  • 25 G of the highest quality whey, casein, and egg proteins for fast, medium, and slow release
  • Complete muscle fuel day or night
  • 5g Glutamine assists muscle growth and reduces muscle breakdown
  • 5g BCAAs support muscle growth and workout recovery
  • Rich milkshake taste
  • Available only at

New EVL Stacked Protein

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