2-Ply Deadlift Belt
Spud, Inc.

2-Ply Deadlift Belt , Black 2XL

High Quality Nylon!
Made out of 4 Inches Of Nylon!
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Size S M L XL 2XL
Waist 24"-30" 29"-34" 35"-40" 40"-46" 46"-52"

The Spud, Inc. 2 ply deadlift belt is a versatile belt that can be worn by many people in many types of sports. The Spud, Inc. 2 ply deadlift belt can provide the support for exercises such as deadlifts, rows, and light squats, but has the pliability to be used during snatches, cleans, and much more.

Who should use the 2 ply deadlift belt:

CrossFitters, Powerlifters, Strongmen and any athlete that is new to training with a belt.

The Spud, Inc. 2 ply deadlift belt is made out of 4” nylon.

How should, Spud, Inc. Belts Fit?

Spud, Inc. belts can fit several ways. Belts can have a small (less than 2”) gap between ends and still give the desired support. If the belt is worn with a small gap, some find it best to wear the belt backwards (gap in the back). Belts can be worn with the ends overlapping to achieve maximal tightness. Belts can be worn over clothing, over other back supports such as rehab back supports, or on bare skin.

How do I choose the right size for me?

Spud, Inc. belts come in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. Custom belts are also available. To find the belt that fits you best measure the area where you will wear the belt. This is most commonly around the belly button. Once you have found your measurement subtract 2” from that number to get your belt size. For example, if your measurement at your belly button is 36” you would subtract 2” to come up with 34”. Your belt size would be a medium.

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