World Record Knee Wraps
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World Record Knee Wraps , Red 3.0 M

Chase Your Own Squat Record In This Stronger Knee Wrap
Stiff Design And Tight Material Knee Wraps Create The Ideal Platform To Drive Out Of Heavy Squats
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Product Overview

Key Purpose: The Gold Standard

The World Record Knee Wraps have delivered multiple World Records in a every weight class.  All you have to do is pull these wraps across your knees and you'll feel what makes them so special.  A stiffer design and tighter material create the ideal platform to drive out of the bottom of heavy squats.  Get the World Record Wraps and chase your own squat record in this stiffer and STronger knee wrap.

  • Benefits/Features
  • Level 4 elastic built to break records
  • Stiff and durable material
  • Product Details
  • Length: 2.5m and 3.0m

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World Record Knee Wraps
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Apr 10, 2018
Verified Buyer

I bought these in my pursuit to improve my squats with higher intensity but also trying to do it the safest way possible. I wear wrist wraps when I bench or any time I do heavy presses because I have had wrist issues in the past, so when I started going heavy on my squats I applied the same rules (especially when it has to do with my knees) I looked all over for great knee wraps , from word of mouth from guys at the gym and vast searches online. Only one knee wrap stood out by far these sling shot wraps , I want maximum support and increase my personal PRs in the gym and these cover them both. If anyone is looking for amazingly constructive knee wraps look no further than these, guarantee to put all your other knee wraps to shame just go ahead and compare when you guys get these.

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Price: $45.00  ( / Serving)
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Stiff Design And Tight Material Knee Wraps Create The Ideal Platform To Drive Out Of Heavy Squats