Padded Lifting Straps

Padded Lifting Straps, Black

Extra Comfort!
Durable Wrist Wraps Designed For Maximum Comfort And Support!
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Product Overview

Our wrist support and lifting strap all in one combines the best in comfort and durability, lasting up to five times longer than conventional straps. Schiek lifting straps are perfect for lat pulldowns, shrugs, spotting... any movement, set or exercise requiring a secure grip. And now, Schiek straps are also available with a lock-on dowel. Each rugged wrist support is handcrafted with 1/4" neoprene then triple-stitched to the strap, which is hot-melted to avoid fraying. The result is the most comfortable, durable lifting strap on the market today.

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76 Ratings
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I have had mine for a few years and they still look brand new! Very sturdy. Very comfortable. I will never go back to unpadded straps since these have spoiled me.

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pretty sturdy and solid.Top of all it is made from our backyard.... U S A.

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Price: $24.95 ( / Serving)
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