4-3/4" Power Leather Contour Belt , 2XL

Comfortable Support!
A Popular Belt That's Both Comfortable And Contoured To Fit!
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Product Overview

A decade ago, Schiek created the first contoured lifting belt on the face of the earth. It quickly changed the industry. Not only did the contoured shape fit the natural curve of the spine, it was extremely comfortable. The Schiek 4-3/4" Power Leather Contour Belt provided optimum support like no other. We knew we had created something special. In fact, we were so proud of the quality of our belts, we backed them with an industry first one-year warranty. Today, it's two years and the quality is still unmatched. Put a Schiek around your waist. You'll quickly understand why we're the premium belt of choice for novice lifters and professionals alike. Covered under U.S. Patent 5,146,488 & 5,086,758.

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4-3/4" Power Leather Contour Belt
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Apr 05, 2018

if you work out alot and sweat like crazy I wouldnt recoomend this to you. Its great for the first few weeks then it just gets very flimsy and just sucks lol

Feb 23, 2017
Verified Buyer

After owning a cheap belt for two years I decided to finally upgrade to this. Unfortunately this belt tore on me in less than two months of weekly use. Another thing is if you do decide to purchase this product to go one size down as it runs small.

Apr 12, 2016
Verified Buyer

This is a great belt. I have never used one before this one and I am very glad I got this one. It's very sturdy and strong, it should last a very long time. I could immediately add 25lbs to my squat and 50lbs to my deadlift now that I have this extra support. I feel leg days a lot more in my legs now vs my back like before. Very happy with this purchase.

Nov 27, 2015
Verified Buyer

Hi Body Building . Com, The the Scheik 4 3/4 Power Leather Contour Belt Purchase Weight Belt is a very good looking belt. I am happy that I made purchase of your belt that fits me well and gives me the support I need for my back. I like to purchase weight lifting products on your site as I always know that you have high quality equiptment, and thats very good. Thank You, Elliott

Nov 20, 2015
Verified Buyer

Quality belt. Excellent support. Strong buckle. No need to break in the leather. A solid purchase.

Aug 01, 2013
Verified Buyer

This is an excellent product! You could notice the great craftsmenship, and durable material. Comfterable from the first time you put it on, no need to break in the leather.

Jul 01, 2012
Verified Buyer

A great strap) great stuff)

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Price: $59.95  ( / Serving)
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A Popular Belt That's Both Comfortable And Contoured To Fit!