ESTRO-X FREAK , 60 Capsules

Hybrid Hormonal Support
Helps to Boost Testosterone, Hormonal Health & Cortisol!*
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Product Overview

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ESTRO-X FREAK™ is a hormonal support supplement that’s formulated to help reduce unwanted estrogen while helping boosting testosterone!* ESTRO-X FREAK™ features the clinically studied and premium quality KSM-66® Ashwagandha, in addition to 6 other cutting-edge ingredients! ESTRO-X FREAK™ works great on its own and also stacks well with other test boosters like ANABOLIC FREAK and TEST FREAK!*

Product Benefits

  • May help to reduce the formation of estrogen metabolites by favoring the 2-OH pathway over the 16-OH pathway.*
  • Helps normal estrogen (ER-receptor) expression.*
  • May combine with excess estrogenic compounds through the process of glucuronidation, preventing reabsorption and ensuring elimination.*

Key Ingredients

  • KSM-66® Ashwagandha
  • Calcium D-Glucarate
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane)
  • Resveratrol
  • Chamomile Flower
  • Apigenin
  • Vitamin E
Estro Freak Key Ingredients

Supports Your Goals

Ashwagandha is the flagship herb of Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine from India. KSM-66 is an organic and vegan raw material that is drawn using only the roots of the ashwagandha plant. KSM-66 Ashwagandha’s substantiated structure/function claims for its psychological and physiological wellness benefits are backed by several randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials.

Good To Know

ESTRO-X FREAK provides clinically researched ingredients that help block estrogen through 4 mechanisms of action.* The combination of DIM, Calcium D-Glucarate, Resveratrol, and Apigenin work in synergy with KSM-66® to help reduce Estrogen through multiple pathways – making ESTRO-X Freak an ideal choice for athletes looking to build muscle.*

Good To Know About Estro Freak

About The Brand

Pharmafreak has committed to serving a variety of health advocates, ranging from professional athletes, health and wellness specialists to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle since 2009. PharmaFreak develops high-quality, cutting-edge products made in a GMP certified facility that are third-party tested for sports nutrition products you can trust.

About the Brand PharmaFreak

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Mar 11, 2021
Verified Buyer

Stacking this with anabolic freak pre. I take it after workout. Good addition so far

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Helps to Boost Testosterone, Hormonal Health & Cortisol!*

What's in PharmaFreak ESTRO-X FREAK

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin E (As D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate) 10 mg 67%
Calcium (as 500 mg Calcium D-Glucarate) 60 mg 5%
KSM-66® Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract 300 mg
Chamomile Flower Extract 200 mg
Diindolylmethane (DIM) 100 mg
Resveratrol (From Japanese Knotweed Root Extract) 100 mg
Apigenin (from Chamomile Flower Extract) 10 mg
† Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
∆ Daily Value not established.
Hypromellose Capsule, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate.

Directions For ESTRO-X FREAK: As a dietary supplement, adults take 2 capsules once daily.

Warnings: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Consult a health care practitioner if you have benign prostate hypertrophy and/or prostate cancer. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have been diagnosed with hypoactive sexual disorder, sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction, or, if you suffer from any psychological disorder and/or condition such as frequent anxiety or depression. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care practitioner. To exclude the diagnosis of a serious cause of hormonal imbalance, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. If you are taking medications or natural health products, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. If you are attempting to conceive, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. If you have a liver disorder or symptoms of low estrogen (such as joint pain, mood changes, changes in libido, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness or irregular menstruations), consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. If you develop liver-related symptoms (e.g. yellowing of the eyes and/or skin, dark urine, abdominal pain, jaundice) or symptoms of low estrogen, discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner. If you have milk allergy, do not consume this product. Consumption with alcohol, other drugs or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended. If you are taking prescription medication, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use as resveratrol may alter the effectiveness of these medications. Do not use if the inner safety seal on this package has been broken. Store in a cool, dry place.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.