Muscle Matrix Protein

Muscle Matrix Protein

Slow-Digesting Anti-Catabolic Protein To Support Muscle Growth*
Contains An Advanced Full-Spectrum Amino Acid Profile And No Proprietary Blends
8.3  out of 10  (10 Reviews)

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  • Slow Digesting Anti-Catabolic Protein lasts up to 4 hours*
  • Contains an advanced full-spectrum amino acid profile*
  • No whey concentrate, caseinate or dairy creamers
  • No proprietary blends - No protein spiking
  • 55% Whey Protein Isolate - 45% Micellar Casein








Muscle Matrix contains 25 grams of pure, complete protein derived from two different milk sources that digest and absorb at different rates to ignite muscle protein synthesis and keep amino acid levels in systemic circulation elevated for hours; in turn providing the perfect anabolic state for maximizing muscle growth and repair.* The whey isolate in Muscle Matrix is rapidly digested and causes robust hyperaminoacidemia (elevated amino acid levels in the blood) that remains elevated after 1.5 hours and returns to baseline after approximately 3-5 hours.* These elevated levels increase protein synthesis and anabolism.* In contrast, the micellar casein found in Muscle Matrix coagulates in the gut and is digested slower than whey protein isolate.* This leads to a slow increase in amino acid concentrations in the blood that remain elevated for up to 7 hours, thus extending muscle protein synthesis times.* In sum these two proteins found in Muscle Matrix protein work together at the right times to help you achieve results.

Muscle Matrix paired with proper training can lead to increases in lean muscle mass, gains in strength, decreases in body fat, and less time spent recovering from a work out session.* With Muscle Matrix you can also rest assured there is no amino spiking and what's on the label is EXACTLY what you get.

Muscle Matrix contains no low quality whey concentrate or other inferior proteins, added carbs, maltodextrin, dextrose, creamers, or any other fillers; just pure, non-denatured proteins that are cold temperature processed to keep protein fractions intact and protect the integrity of the amino acid profiles. Don't cheat your gains by choosing an inferior protein powder or skimping on you daily protein intake. Make Muscle Matrix the foundation of your muscle building temple.*

Founded in 1996, NutraBio is the original No Proprietary Blend, No B.S. honest brand. 15 years ago we revolutionized the supplement industry by introducing 4 quality commitments:

1. NO proprietary blends and full label disclosure

2. NO fillers, excipients, or additives (except flavor)

3. Full scientific dosages of every active ingredient

4. Manufacturing our own products to control every aspect of quality.

Two decades ago we set the goal of providing our customers with the most effective, clean and honest supplements available. Since that very first day, we have led the charge in supplement innovation with science-backed doses and full label disclosure.

We manufacture our products in our FDA registered and audited facility. We are GMP certified and manufacture to exceed 21 CFP Part 111 cGMP regulations. We don't compromise on quality so you don't have to compromise on results.


  •  A protein with full label/ingredient disclosure.
  •  25 grams of complete, high quality protein derived from whey protein isolate and micellar casein.
  •  An advanced full spectrum amino acid profile to maximize protein synthesis, minimize muscle breakdown, and support recovery.*
  •  Cold processed, Cross flow micro and ultra-filtered non denatured whey. With a full balance of bioactive whey protein fractions.
  •  A quality protein that contains minimal lactose and is gluten and BSE/TSE free — everything you need and nothing you don't.
  •  A protein that is kosher.
  •  A protein that is developed in our own GMP certified and FDA inspected facility. We have total control of our protein isolate from start to finish.


  •  Proprietary blends or amino spiking. We provide full label/ingredient disclosure on our Muscle Matrix protein. No games, no tricks... just the purest, freshest protein available.
  •  Inferior sources of protein such as low quality whey concentrates.
  •  Extra added amino acids like taurine or glycine used by some brands to boost nitrogen content and fool you into thinking you are getting more protein than you really are.
  •  Ion exchange or acid treated protein which destroys the natural undenatured state of whey causing it to lose its anti-cancer and immune stimulating activity.
  •  Fillers, excipients, maltodextrin or dextrose, added sugar or carbs, artificial colors, GMOs, or banned substances.


Extensive research on milk proteins (whey and casein) has been conducted as it relates to their roles in enhancing adaptations from exercise. This research has shown that milk proteins, ingested following exercise and throughout the day, can speed recovery, promote a positive nitrogen balance, increase glycogen replenishment, and improve hydration status.... ultimately leading to increases in skeletal muscle hypertrophy and neuromuscular strength.* When compared to other protein sources milk proteins have the highest PDCAAS score and contain the greatest density of leucine (Whey 11%, Casein 9.3%); the primary branched chain amino acid responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis.* While both whey and casein are high in quality they do differ extensively in the rate they digest which offers a unique benefit to individuals when combined together.

A closer look at Whey Protein IsolateS... The Fuel that IGNITES Muscle Protein Whey protein isolates digest and absorb rapidly and are, gram for gram, the purest form of protein available (90% pure protein). This level of purity is achieved through a cold, cross micro and ultra-filtration process that removes the larger, less-absorbable protein molecules while also filtering out fat, lactose and ash that can be present in whey concentrates and substandard protein powders. Furthermore, this process does not denature the valuable proteins and peptides in whey, so the protein itself is of higher quality.

Studies suggest the ingestion of fast-acting protein sources, such as whey isolates, can increase amino acid levels in systemic circulation and stimulate robust increases in protein synthesis; arguably the most important physiological factor in existence when it comes to muscle growth, strength, and recovery.*

A closer look at MICELLAR CASEIN... The Fuel that SUSTAINS Muscle Protein While whey isolates digest and absorb quickly; micellar casein digests and absorbs more slowly. Because it is digested slowly and leads to a relatively sustained increase in amino acids, micellar casein seems to inhibit protein breakdown to a greater extent than whey protein isolates and prolongs muscle protein synthesis (MPS) times.*

It should also be noted that not all casein is equivalent. Micellar casein, as opposed to caseinate, is isolated from milk by filtration rather than by use of acid or heat. This filtration method preserves the structural integrity of the protein, unlike what occurs in other processing methods. Basically, when heat or acid is used to separate casein out of milk, the micelle's structures are altered, resulting in a loss of biological activity and digestibility. It's not surprising then that undamaged milk proteins, such as micellar casein, provide more than just a source of amino acids. It also provides many biologically active proteins that have direct immune and physiological benefits.* This is why micellar casein and not an inferior casein was used for the slow digesting protein in Muscle Matrix.*


From the above information it is not hard to see that when whey isolate and micellar casein are combined into one formula, such as in Muscle Matrix; gym-goers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike can reap the benefits of both proteins. On one hand whey isolate ingestion leads to a rapid spike in amino acids levels which increases muscle protein synthesis more than micellar casein.* On the other hand, micellar casein tends to have a more anticatabolic effect than whey isolates and prolongs muscle protein synthesis to a greater extent.* The combination of the two means greater increases in lean muscle mass and shorter recovery times compared to when ingested separately.* In fact, a 2006 study conducted by Kerksick et al. examined the influence of a "fast" protein source (whey) compared to a blend of fast and slow proteins (whey and casein), ingested post-exercise over a 10-week period of resistance training.* Subjects who ingested the blend of fast and slow protein showed significantly greater increases in muscle mass (+1.8 kg) than those who ingested only the fast protein.*


Undoubtedly you have seen other protein blends on the market that not only contain whey isolates and micellar casein, but also other sources of protein such as egg, whey concentrates, and whey hydrolysates. The theory behind using these additional proteins in a blend is it will cause a fast, medium, and slow release of amino acids into the bloodstream and be more "effective" in stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS).* Independently, each is a good source of protein (except in the case of a low quality whey concentrate) and can induce MPS, but adding them to a blend that already contains whey isolates and micellar casein provides no additional benefits according to research.


No other protein on the market comes close to providing the level of quality and transparency as NutraBio's Muscle Matrix. Although the industry makes it seems like non-proprietary blend and non-amino spiked proteins are something new; the fact is NutraBio pioneered this trend over 15 years ago. For us, it has never been a question of when a good time to start being honest is. We focused on creating the most superior protein blend possible, and we've done just that with our Muscle Matrix Protein.

With each serving of NutraBio Muscle Matrix you can be confident you are getting 25 grams of the cleanest, purest protein on the planet. What you see on the label is exactly what you get. No whey concentrates, proprietary blends, amino spiking, dextrose, fillers, or other potentially unhealthy or unneeded additives. Only the highest quality non-denatured protein that provides a perfect amino acid profile for optimum nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and muscle growth.*

Ratings & Reviews

Muscle Matrix Protein
Overall Rating
10 Ratings
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5 Ratings
Average Flavor Rating
2 Flavors
Top Rated Flavor
Alpine Vanilla
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Jul 04, 2020
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Oct 21, 2019
Verified Buyer

Flavor is perfect, texture at first seemed like sharp flakes when swallowed. But it's evened out. Goes well with coffee or milk and water

Jun 11, 2019
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Mar 12, 2019
Verified Buyer

I give it 7 overall. 5 for taste (taste of both flavors is very mild with a little bit of unpleasant aftertaste) 9 for quality of ingredients and transparency

Mar 07, 2019
Verified Buyer

Flavor is good but when you mix it it becomes so frothy. It sat on the table for a good 20 minutes and it was still really foamy.

Jul 25, 2018

I received a 2lb container from a promo win in the Choc PB flavor and I also received a couple of samples of the Dutch Choc and the Alpine Van. The ingredient profile of this protein is STELLAR and it gets a solid 10/10 rating. Nutrabio fully discloses every ingredient and exactly how much used so they are completely transparent like no other co. and their quality control is evident through their videos which show and explain how they produce their supplements. The mixability of each of the flavors is perfect with no clumping,floaters, or foaming and the shakes mix up thick and creamy proving that the dose of micellar casein which is listed is actually used in this excellent blend. The only reason why this protein doesn't get and overall 10 rating is because their flavoring just isn't strong enough. The Dutch Choc get's a 7/10 because it's way too light in flavor and it's NOT bad tasting at all but choc is a flavor that should hit you right when you taste it but with this Dutch Choc you have to really search for the flavor and wait to taste it and the same goes for the Choc PB which gain doesn't taste bad at all but just doesn't come across as a Choc PB. I think if the choc flavor were to be made a bit stronger and peanut flour were to be added then a stronger and more improved flavor would come through. The Alpine Van which I rate higher than the other two 8/10 was actually more noticeable in flavor, though it was light you could still tell it was a clean vanilla flavor when you first sipped on it which you just couldn't tell from the other flavors. Overall as I first stated this is a FANTASTIC formula with a great combination of two of the best proteins on the market but Nutrabio just needs to strengthen up their flavoring so that they can taste exactly what their flavor description states on the labels. If your someone who doesn't care much about flavoring when it comes to protein then you can't go wrong with Muscle Matrix but for me I like my proteins to be strongly flavored cause I use them mostly to increase the protein content of foods that I eat and to really help flavor the things I like to eat such as oats, cottage cheese, and plain yogurt.

Jul 25, 2018

I am using the Cookies & Cream flavor and NutraBio's flavoring is absolutely spot on with this one. Their C&C powder is much cleaner in my opinion too as there are far less fillers in this particular flavor. What really sold me on this product in general was the fully disclosed label showing the types & amounts of the two protein sources. Being able to trust that a protein powder has inside of it what is on the label sets NutraBio apart from so many others and is what keeps me coming back as a customer.

Jul 19, 2018

I have the cookies and cream flavor . it tastes amazing and mixes very easily . no digestion issues . a nice blend of 2 different proteins . I have this before bed time . the label tells you absolutely everything . even how much casein and whey is in it ! also some aminos, a real winner here ! love the honesty of this company !

May 08, 2018

I am on my fourth container. It mixes super easy, taste great! I add it to my cereal in the morning mixed in water and tastes really good. Best of all are the added ingredients, which are ABSOLUTELY NONE!!! Nothing but open label of protein. No added sugar or chemicals.

Dec 07, 2017

Mixed super easy with water.. Has 2 protiens sources plus creatine and your BCAAs. I take it as a recovery after workouts and before 30 minutes to bed.

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Contains An Advanced Full-Spectrum Amino Acid Profile And No Proprietary Blends

What's in NutraBio Muscle Matrix Protein

Serving Size: 1 scoop (31.3 grams)
Servings Per Container: 29
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 120       
Total Fat .5 g <1%*
Cholesterol 10 mg 3%*
Total Carbohydrate 2 g <1%*
Sugars 1 g
Protein 25 g 50%*
Calcium 389 mg 30%*
Phosphorus 173 mg 15%*
Magnesium 13 mg 4%*
Sodium 120 mg 6%*
Potassium 125 mg 3%*
Whey Protein Isolate 16.31g
(CFM cross flow micro and ultra-filtered WPI90. Cold processed.) (Instantized with sunflower lecithin. Yielding 14.19g complete protein.)
Micellar Casein 13.68g
(Cold processed. Instantized with sunflower lecithin. Yielding 10.81g complete protein.)
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients:
Flavoring (natural flavor 700mg, salt 200mg, xanthan gum 150mg, sucralose 100mg, acesulfame potassium 80mg), blue spirulina 40mg (color).
Contains: Milk.

Directions For Muscle Matrix Protein: Add 1 heaping scoop of Muscle Matrix with 6 ounces of cold water or beverage (milk, almond milk, rice milk, juice, etc.) and mix in a shaker cup. To make a creamy smoothie add 2-3 ice cubes and put in blender for 20-30 seconds. Vary the amount of liquid to meet your desired taste and consistency.

Warnings: This product is intended as a dietary supplement only. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition.

This product is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during the shipping and handling. Store in a cool, dry place. Serving scoop included (may settle to the bottom during shipping.)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.