L-Glutamine Powder

L-Glutamine Powder

Stay Healthy!
Provides A Positive Nitrogen Balance And A Healthy Immune System!*
8.5  out of 10  (21 Reviews)

Product Overview

L-Glutamine Powder

  • Supports Immune Function*
  • Supports Nitrogen Transport*
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Gluten Free

Available In Powder

Vegan & Vegetarian

Glutamine has recently been the focus of much scientific interest. A growing body of evidence suggests that during certain stressful times, the body may require more glutamine than it can produce. Under these circumstances, glutamine may be considered a "conditionally essential" amino acid. Glutamine is involved in supporting a positive nitrogen balance and also aids in supporting immune system lymphocytes and intestinal cell enterocytes.* In addition, glutamine is a supporter of acid-base balance and a nitrogen transporter.*

Ratings & Reviews

L-Glutamine Powder
Overall Rating
21 Ratings
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11 Ratings
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Apr 21, 2016
Verified Buyer
  • 8 Unflavored
Mar 26, 2016
Verified Buyer
  • 1 Unflavored

Horrible almost undrinkable anything you mix it with tastes awful

Aug 12, 2015
Verified Buyer
  • 9 Unflavored


May 31, 2015

good. will reorder. plain glutamine. good rate.

Mar 19, 2015
Verified Buyer

Great price for the amount you get. I mix it with my protein shake so i don't have to deal with the powder taste. Does it really work? who knows....but my mind seems to always convince me that its working.

Feb 07, 2015
  • 10 Unflavored

Great value for the price. Straight L-Glutamine, just add to a protein shake if you don't like the bad flavor. Or tough it out with just water to keep carbs down, hey it's better than unflavored L-Citrulline or Creatine.

Aug 06, 2014
Verified Buyer

Very good!

Jun 06, 2014
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Aug 05, 2013
Verified Buyer
  • 6 Unflavored

It's a good value for the price and quantity.

Jul 31, 2013
Verified Buyer
  • 9 Unflavored

Mixed very well and left no residue. I Definately saw a size maintance difference when i was talking the L-Glutamine. I would definately reomend this product to anyone looking to add mass.

Mar 18, 2013
Verified Buyer


Mar 03, 2013

A good supplement to have the powder definitely tastes terrible unless mixed with something sweet and even then it will change the taste of the mix. A must have in a bodybuilding and ultrarunning arsenal.

Sep 28, 2012
No written review.
Sep 22, 2012
Verified Buyer
No written review.
Jul 19, 2012
  • 10 Unflavored

I like this product. It disolved pretty well even in just water and it has no flavor.

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Provides A Positive Nitrogen Balance And A Healthy Immune System!*

What's in NOW L-Glutamine Powder

1 Lb. Unflavored
Supplement Facts
Serving Size1Rounded Teaspoon(5g)
Servings Per Container90
Amount Per Serving
L-Glutamine (Free Form) 5.0g (5,000 mg) *
* Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients
Vegetarian Formula. Contains no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives.

Directions For L-Glutamine Powder: As a dietary supplement, take 1 rounded teaspoon (5 g) in juice, preferably between meals, 1 to 2 times daily as needed. Consider taking this product in combination with NOW® B-6, P-5-P and Whey Protein.

Warnings: Do not eat freshness packet enclosed.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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